Copyright is an important consideration when you are teaching or studying at university. Copying, analysing, imitating and reproducing the works of others is an important component of learning and research.

York St John University wishes to ensure that all copying for its teaching, learning and research activities is undertaken legally. This bite-sized guidance is aimed at staff and students. The information contained within these pages is intended as a general guideline and an interpretation of current copyright issues, and does not constitute legal advice.

Copyright training for staff and students

Our role is two-fold: to ensure compliance with copyright law and licences whilst empowering staff and students to make choices. We want you to feel confident and in control when using the works of others and in protecting your own work.

We do this by providing up-to-date guidance on copyright law and relevant licences, training and advice.

Copyright and Licences Officer

If you have any queries or require further guidance please contact Chloe Beswick, Copyright and Licences Officer.

Chloe Beswick
Copyright and Licences Officer.
T: 01904 876057

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