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Research support

Using RaYDaR

RaYDaR, Research at York St John Data Repository, is the University’s open data repository service.

RaYDaR exists to store, showcase and share the University's research data.

Under our Research Data Management policy, staff and researchers should deposit all research data into RaYDaR.

Research data can include (but is not limited to):

  • Spreadsheets
  • Laboratory or field work notebooks
  • Interview or questionnaire transcripts
  • Multimedia and audio-visual files
  • Software code
  • Samples and specimens

If you have research data you would like to deposit in RaYDaR but you are not sure how to describe it or add it, email

If possible, data uploaded to RaYDaR should be accessible in accordance with the FAIR data principles.

Benefits of using RaYDaR

There are many benefits of sharing research data. It allows you to:

  • Increase the impact of your research
  • Comply with funder requirements
  • Lead to further research project and collaboration
  • Ensure accountability and transparency of the research project

Getting started with RaYDaR

If you need support or guidance with RaYDaR, visit the RaYDaR guide below, or email Additional information is also available on the Figshare Knowledgebase


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