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Staff Profile

Dr Jamie Salter

Senior Lecturer in Sport Science and Injury

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I am an experienced accredited practitioner and educator with previous roles spanning professional football, rugby and supporting international para-athletes. I enjoy supporting the development of young professionals through education and hope to make a lasting impact through my passionate and enthusiastic approach to teaching and researching.


I predominantly teach across the specialist modules for the BSc Sport and Exercise Therapy course. I lead modules in Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation and Return to Sport. I am also heavily involved with the employability and career development of students and lead the MSc/MArt Placement module which helps to bridge the gap between study and working life.

I teach on the following courses:

  • BSc Sport and Exercise Therapy
  • MSci Sport and Exercise Therapy
  • MSci Sport and Exercise Science
  • MArt Physical Education and Sports Coaching


My research area explores the impact that biological maturation has on the development of young athletes, primarily footballers. I am particularly keen on developing new knowledge around the nature and causation of growth related injuries in young athletes and developing guidelines for professionals on how we may reduce the occurrence of these injuries. I work closely with local, national and international sports clubs and organisations to help improve coach knowledge and awareness of these issues and aim to have a lasting impact on the development pathway of academy football.

Recent publications

Recent peer reviewed publications

  • Salter, J., Cumming, S., Hughes, J.D., and De Ste Croix, M.D. (2021). Estimating somatic maturity in adolescent soccer players: Methodological comparisons. International Journal of Sport Science and Coaching, in press.
  • Salter, J., Hughes, J.D., and De Ste Croix, M.D. (2020). The moderating impact of maturation on acute neuromuscular and psycho-physiological response to simulated soccer activity in academy soccer players. European Journal of Sport Science, in press.
  • Salter, J., De Ste Croix, M.D., Hughes, J.D., Weston, M. and Towlson, C. (2020). Monitoring practices of training load and biological maturity in UK soccer academies. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 16 (3). pp. 395-406.
  • Towlson, C., Salter, J., Ade, J., Enright, K., Harper, L., Page, R. and Malone, J. (2020). Maturity-associated considerations for training load, injury risk, and physical performance within youth soccer: One size does not fit all. Journal of Sport and Health Science, 10(4), 403-412.
  • Salter, J., Johnson, D. and Towlson, C. (2021). A stitch in time saves nine: the impact of biological maturation for talented athlete development. BASES: The Sport and Exercise Scientist, 69.
  • Salter, J., Cresswell, R. and Forsdyke, D. (2021). The impact of simulated soccer match-play of hip and hamstring strength in academy soccer players. Science and Medicine in football, in press.

Conference proceedings

  • Salter, J. Current trends in monitoring biological maturation and training load in elite adolescent soccer. Proceedings of the European Congress Sport Science, Dublin Conference Centre, Ireland, July 2018.
  • Salter, J. Maturity status, not tempo, influences training load and neuromuscular performance during an academy soccer season. Journal of Sport Sciences, BASES Annual Conference, November 2021.

Symposia events

  • Salter, J. Maturation in youth football training. Saarland University, Saarbrucken, Germany. 17th November 2021.

Professional activities

I hold professional accreditation as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with the UKSCA and as a Sport and Exercise Scientist (CSci) with BASES. I intend to remain active as a professional and currently run a small private business around my University role supporting the athletic development of young athletes in the Yorkshire region.