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Quality Gateway

Annual Monitoring (PRE, AQR, External Examiners)

York St John University annually monitors the effectiveness of its programmes through the Programme Review and Enhancement (PRE) and Annual Quality Report (AQR) processes.

The monitoring process allows colleagues a chance to reflect on the student experience and their programme's effectiveness. Potential issues noted in this process can then be addressed through programme/module amendments or through the revalidation process.

Risk-based Framework for Monitoring the Quality of Provision

The University adopts a general, risk based framework where deliberate steps are taken to use a range of data sources to monitor, manage and enhance the quality of provision.  Programme teams' self-assessment of levels of risk will be recorded in the Programme Review and Enhancement process at programme and subject level.  Responsibility for peer scrutiny and moderation of risk-rating lies both locally and University-wide through School Quality Panels and the Quality & Standards Committee. 

For further guidance and a reporting tempate refer to: Risk Based Quality Framework for new and existing provision (docx, 25.1kB)

Module Evaluations

Module leaderswith Heads of Schools, are encouraged to develop a range of evaluation techniques that provide students and staff with the opportunity to comment on all aspects of module provision. Further information is provided on the Student Voice - Module Evaluation and End of Semester Review webpage. 

External Examiners

To ensure standards across the sector External Examiners are employed to monitor provision. You can find out more information about this role on the External Examiner pages.

In terms of the monitoring process, External Examiners see a range of work and marks and attend School Assessment Panels. An External Examiner for Progress and Award also works with the Board of Examiners for Progress and Award.

External Examiners write a report each year and a member of YSJU will write a formal response to this using the Response to External Examiner Report (doc, 14.2kB). The Procedure for Reviewing External Examiner Reports (DOCx, 25.8kB) gives more information.

The response to the External Examiner's report forms part of the Programme Review and Enhancement.

Programme Review and Enhancement (PRE)

PREs are written at the end of each academic year using a data-led approach in combination with academic expertise and judgement to support a focussed quality assurance and enhancement review of the programme over the cycle. These reports include responses to the External Examiner Report(s).

An overview of the process and timeline for completion of PREs is provided by Academic Quality Support (AQS) each year.

Completed PREs are scrutinised by the School Quality Panel (SQP) before onward submission to Registry: Academic Quality Support for consideration by a joint meeting of the Quality & Standards Committee and Education Committee. For more information contact Quality:

Templates for the following are available from AQS:

  • PRE report template, programme/subject level - to be completed by Associate Heads and considered by SQP.
  • Validated collaborative provision - is to be completed by Validated Collaborative Partners in discussion with the Collaborative Programme Representative (CPR). Included is a template for the review of the management of the partnership to be completed by the Partner and CPRs. Both are to be submitted directly to This will be distributed by AQS to the relevant School.
  • Franchised collaborative provision - focusses on the management of franchise collaborative partnerships. This is to be completed by the Partner and CPR(s) for each collaborative partner and submitted directly to This will be distributed by AQS to the relevant Schools.

Annual Quality Report (AQR)

York St John University is committed to producing an annual critical account of academic and scholarly activity in the University. This report draws on a number of sources including the distillation of information coming from the PRE process. This report ensures that the Academic Board and the Board of Governors are confident in the academic health of the University.

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