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Centre for Applied Innovation

Our services and your journey

How the Centre for Applied Innovation facilitates your innovation development.

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We provide comprehensive services to support your journey, from initial concept to successful implementation.

The Centre for Applied Innovation (CAI) aims to be a leader in applied innovation, driving breakthroughs in technology and addressing critical societal needs.

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Our services:

Your journey:

Our services

Research and Development (R&D) support

Our Research and Development support is tailored to help you design and conduct robust studies that validate new concepts and technologies. Our team assists with comprehensive literature reviews, feasibility studies, and intellectual property assessments.

By connecting you with experienced researchers and industry experts, we provide valuable insights into market trends and opportunities, ensuring your research is grounded in the latest advancements and practical applications.

Prototype development and testing

Turning ideas into tangible prototypes is a critical step in the innovation process. At CAI, we offer state-of-the-art prototyping facilities equipped with advanced machinery.

Our team assists in translating your concepts into functional prototypes, ready for proof-of-concept testing and user feedback. We provide comprehensive testing services, covering mechanical, electrical, and usability aspects, to ensure that your prototypes are safe, effective, and ready for further development.

Regulatory guidance and compliance

Navigating regulatory landscapes can be challenging, but our expertise makes it manageable.

We offer expert guidance on meeting regulatory requirements, including compliance with relevant standards and regulations. Our team assists with regulatory submissions, such as CE marking and MHRA clearances or approvals, and connects you with regulatory experts who provide tailored advice. This streamlines your regulatory process, helping you bring your innovations to market more efficiently.

Commercialisation support

Bringing an innovation to market requires strategic planning and execution. CAI provides comprehensive business development support, including market analysis, competitive intelligence, and go-to-market strategies. We facilitate connections with networks of industry partners, investors, and potential collaborators to enhance your commercialisation efforts.

Our support extends to developing robust business plans, securing funding, and negotiating partnerships or licensing agreements, ensuring your innovation has a clear path to success.

Training and education

Continuous learning is vital in the fast-paced world of innovation. CAI offers a range of workshops, seminars, and training programmes that cover various aspects of innovation, technology development, and entrepreneurship.

We provide access to extensive educational resources and materials, helping innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs enhance their skills and knowledge, staying ahead of industry trends and advancements.

Manufacturing assistance

Scaling up production from prototype to market-ready product involves critical decisions. CAI offers guidance on selecting appropriate manufacturing processes and suppliers, ensuring you choose the best options for your needs.

We assist in establishing quality management systems and ensuring compliance with manufacturing standards.

Our team supports you in optimising manufacturing processes for efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness, helping you bring your product to market smoothly and successfully.


What your CAI journey may look like

By providing comprehensive support at every stage of the innovation process, from initial concept to market-ready product, the CAI ensures that our clients receive the resources and expertise they need to succeed.

Below is an outline of what your journey may entail.

Your journey with the CAI begins with an initial consultation, where you discuss your ideas, projects, or challenges with our experts.

This meeting helps identify your specific needs and goals, setting the stage for a tailored support plan.

Following the initial consultation, we conduct a detailed needs assessment to understand your project requirements fully.

Based on this assessment, we develop a customised proposal outlining the support and services we can provide, ensuring alignment with your objectives.

In this phase, you receive assistance with research and development activities. Our team helps with literature reviews, feasibility studies, and intellectual property assessments.

We collaborate closely with you to validate new concepts and technologies, leveraging our expertise and industry insights.

With validated concepts, we move to prototype development.

Using our advanced prototyping facilities, we help you develop functional prototypes ready for proof-of-concept testing. Comprehensive testing ensures that your prototypes are safe, effective, and meet usability standards, providing a solid foundation for further development.

Our regulatory experts guide you through the complexities of regulatory requirements and compliance.

We assist with preparing and submitting regulatory documents, ensuring your innovations meet all necessary standards and regulations, and streamlining the approval process to expedite market entry.

As your innovation nears market readiness, we provide business development support to facilitate commercialisation. This includes detailed market analysis, competitive intelligence, and strategic planning.

We connect you with industry partners, investors, and potential collaborators, and assist in developing business plans, securing funding, and negotiating partnerships or licensing agreements.

Throughout your journey, you have access to our extensive training and educational resources.

We offer workshops, seminars, and tailored training programmes designed to enhance your skills and knowledge, ensuring you remain competitive and well-informed about industry trends.

Finally, we support you in scaling up production.

Our team provides guidance on selecting manufacturing processes and suppliers, establishing quality management systems, and optimising production for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This ensures a smooth transition from prototype to market-ready product.

Even after your initial project is completed, CAI remains a valuable partner.

We offer ongoing support and guidance to help you navigate future challenges and seize new opportunities, ensuring your long-term success in the innovation landscape.