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Child Development Research Group

This research group is lead by Dr Emma Tecwyn.

Researchers in the Child Development Research Group (CDRG) study a range of topics in basic and applied developmental psychology using quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Areas of interest include:

  • Children's problem-solving and innovation
  • Development of cognitive abilities
  • Children's thinking about the past and future
  • Social and cultural learning
  • Bilingualism and theory of mind
  • Language learning, use and processing
  • Reading skills and literacy
  • Neurodevelopmental conditions such as dyslexia and autism
  • Neurodiversity and inclusive education

We have a dedicated 'Child Lab' on campus where children and their families come to participate in our research. We also work with local schools, nurseries, and community partners.

We have regular group meetings where we discuss and present our own research as well as examining current topics in developmental psychology. Student Research Assistants play a crucial role in our research and are encouraged to participate in our group meetings.

Get in touch

We welcome new members with interests in any area of basic or applied developmental psychology.

Research activity

  • Capturing children's innovations; the importance of play (Principal investigator: Cutting. Funded by the Froebel Trust)
  • The development of mental simulation as a strategy for solving problems with multiple alternatives (Principal investigator: Tecwyn. Funded by the British Academy/Leverhulme Trust)

Group members

Emma Tecwyn profile image

Dr Emma Tecwyn

Group leader, Senior Lecturer

Staff profile image of Nicola Cutting

Dr Nicola Cutting

Senior Lecturer

YSJ lecturer

Dr Lorna Hamilton

Associate Professor

Ruth Lee profile image

Dr Ruth Lee

Senior Lecturer

Jelena Mikovic

Dr Jelena Mirkovic

Associate Professor

Debra Fayter

Postgraduate researcher

Darcy Neilson

Postgraduate researcher

Lisa Parfitt

Postgraduate researcher

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