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Subject sessions

During the week you will take part in academic subject sessions. Find out about the sessions on offer on this page.

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For each subject, there will be a theme for the week. You will explore this theme through different sessions and activities.

These sessions are a great way to find out what studying a subject at university is like. You will meet academic staff, explore a subject in depth and meet others with the same interests.

The following subjects have been confirmed:

Please note that applications are now closed for Discover YSJ 2024.

If you have any questions about Discover YSJ, email our Widening Participation team at


Theme: Grooving together

Rhythm is at the heart of all music, and therefore underlies how musicians play together. In our subject strand, we will focus on ways to improve your ability to play with other musicians and settle into effective grooves.

This will involve lots of listening, watching, and (of course) performing! We will explore grooves through several different types of percussion and use them to create your own piece to be presented at the end of the week.


Theme: Crime and deviance

In this subject strand, we will be thinking about:

  • What is criminal behaviour?
  • What is deviant behaviour?
  • Is smoking deviant and/or criminal?
  • Is being in a polygamous relationship deviant and/or criminal?
  • If such behaviour is not deviant and/or criminal, then should it be? 

We will look at the impact crime has on victims, family members and the wider community.

Finally, we will review the different responses to criminal and/or deviant behaviour and reflect on their effectiveness.

You will be given the opportunity to do an independent research task where you will choose a criminal case and discuss the facts of the case and the impact that the case has had, if any.


Theme: Everyday geographies

Geography is all around us, part of how we live and make sense of our lives. During the summer school you will get to explore some core geographical themes such as space, place and environment in the context of living, working and studying in the everyday surroundings of the city.

This could include, for example:

  • Considering how we manage the relationship between cities and river processes and ecologies
  • Investigating how tourism and heritage activities promote certain 'versions' of places
  • Looking at the politics of cultural identity in public spaces

At the end of the week, you will present the outcome of a creative mapping exercise aimed at illustrating aspects of everyday human and physical geographies.


Theme: Exploring Healthcare Horizons

Experience a glimpse into the vibrant world of healthcare education at York St John University. Delve into the diverse realms of Biomedical Science, Paramedic Science, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy. Gain hands-on exposure with these healthcare professions. Learn from experts in the field, explore our cutting-edge facilities, and envision your future as a health professional. Discover hidden talents, cultivate resilience, and ignite your passion for making a difference in the lives of others.

A pivotal aspect of this residential experience is the emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration and interprofessional learning. Through interactive activities and discussions, you will grasp the interconnectedness of healthcare disciplines and the paramount importance of patient-centred care.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a fulfilling career where your skills could truly change lives.

English Literature and Creative Writing

Theme: Why do words matter?

Are you passionate about the power, beauty and importance of words? A degree in English Literature, Creative Writing, or both, might be for you! Join us to explore, interrogate and play with literary language in different ways.

Our Creative Writing workshops will introduce you to exciting writing techniques. Discover new ways to find stories and images, develop your unique style and produce writing that transforms your readers’ understanding of the world. Experiment with these techniques to begin writing your own poetry or prose.

In Literature sessions you will discuss important issues that affect the books that you read and study. Read short pieces of great writing to hone your powers of close analysis and reveal the rich and multiple meanings of literary language.

The Creative Writing and Literature teaching teams would love to share their passion for the very related activities of reading and writing with you. Come along and let us convince you why words matter.

Media Production, Film and TV

Theme: Creative Production

Explore what it is like to study and engage in Media Production, Film and Television at York St John University. Fully immerse yourself with hands on experience in working with camera, sound on location and producing TV studio based programmes.

Film and TV is challenging and fun and if you are passionate about working together to produce content with impact, then this is for you.

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