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Wellbeing support


Coaching is available through the Wellbeing Team. All you need to do is come along to a wellbeing drop-in session and speak to one of the wellbeing staff who will go through the options with you. If Coaching is appropriate for your needs, the staff will refer you to a Coaching Practitioner.

The coaching process

Coaching is provided by trained practitioners who work with people in a positive, future focused way. They help individuals to set their own goals towards a desired specific outcome(s) and they encourage them to meet their objective(s).

Coaches do not help you come to terms with past events, they help you look at the present and help you work out how you are going to get to where you would like to be. They may also help you look a little further ahead and help you to visualise and plan future successes using specific coaching techniques.

We think you will find the approach encouraging and inspiring and that you will see that the process is very much guided by you. Any work towards your goals is done by you, not the coach: their job is to help you stay on track and give you positive feedback on the goals you are trying to achieve and, if you want to, they will help you set new goals as you go along.

How coaching sessions work

We offer a maximum of 6 coaching sessions and sessions are no longer than 50 minutes.


Session 1 - this is nearly always an assessment of your needs. The Coach will encourage individuals to share with them their hopes and dreams. They will then help you evaluate what skills and resources you already have at your disposal, in addition to exploring what other skills and resources you may need to reach your goal(s). 

Session 2 - is usually centred on what thoughts, ideas and plans you may have made that take you further towards your end goal(s). At this stage, the Coach may introduce some planning techniques and goal setting models to assist you in taking your project forward.

Session 3 onwards - a Coach may discuss with you a period of time during which you will try and bring to fruition some of your planning and/or goal achievements and likely you will book an advance session to review progress, with the option of bringing this forward if you are struggling.

This process continues until you and the Coach believe you are ready to go it alone with your goals and you may plan a final session in the future where you meet to share the good news of your successes with the Coach.

If you try coaching and find that it does not meet your needs or you and the Coach believe that another approach would be more suitable, we can talk you through the different options.  We may help you by referring you to one of our team who offers Counselling, welfare advice or mental health advice or we may direct you towards consideration of an external service that might be able to meet your needs in a different way.

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