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Moving Minds

About the project

Find out how sessions work.

Community members sat on chairs in circle, moving arms

Moving Minds sessions explore how dance, with its focus on touch, reciprocity and connection, might facilitate a greater awareness of non-verbal expression and communication in the context of a condition in which spoken language can prove problematic.

The focus during sessions is on playfulness, social engagement and autonomy. Activities are participant-led with the focus placed on the abilities that people have; acknowledging and witnessing individual responses and ways of moving. 

Central to the endeavour of the project is a vision that goes beyond the individual's loss – especially the loss of cognitive and linguistic abilities – but rather sees both personhood and identity in more complex terms of transformation and change.

Dance allows people with dementia to experience their body as a field of activity and affectivity, and can, in response to the right invitation, act as a generative, spontaneous expression of identity.

The Moving Minds project creates unique learning opportunities for neurodiverse communities and challenges societal assumptions and stigma associated with the condition.