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Moving Minds

Dancing with Dementia Project

'Dancing with Dementia' is a national participatory arts project developed in response to lockdown which explores the idea of dance as a metaphor for dementia.

Community members dancing in sports hall

Participants were asked to record their response to the question - 'if dementia was a dance what kind of a dance would it be?'.

In collaboration with sound artist Chris Gregory, their responses were woven together with music and found sound to create an original audio documentary which poetically reflects their embodied experiences of living with the condition.

The aim of the project was to highlight the lived experience of dementia, and to explore how dance, with its emphasis on reciprocity, balance, exchange and animation has the potential to create a powerful counter-discourse; a significant challenge to the plethora of metaphors connected to the inanimate and the passive.

Listen to the trailer for the documentary here: Dancing with Dementia trailer (SoundCloud, 5:06 minutes)

If you are interested in the full audio documentary please contact