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Perceptions of Employability

This research group is lead by Dr Sarah Cooper.

The aim of this research group is to explore perceptions of employability from a range of perspectives.

These perspectives include students, academics and employability teams but the group also considers the approaches of higher education policy makers and the influence of cross-sector employability perception on strategies. Employability is interpreted in a myriad of ways, and the research group discusses the implications of this on theoretical and practical levels.

The group aims to collaborate with higher education colleagues and industry representatives to clarify the lexicon surrounding the subject to ensure that expectations are managed effectively. It also aims to collaborate with students to address issues such as poor engagement with extra-curricular, employability activities and perceptions of learning outcomes and their alignment with industry expectations.

Employability is a subject that has sparked a number of higher education-wide initiatives, and York St John University is not alone in its endeavours to establish robust graduate attributes. The research group aims to explore these external initiatives in a bid to highlight good practice and effective resourcing.

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The group is led by Dr Sarah Cooper in the York Business School and is supported by Dr Jamie Salter in the School of Sports, who has pioneered the ‘Better Me’ initiative. Colleagues who would like to contribute to the group are welcome to email

Group members

Staff profile image of Sarah Cooper

Dr Sarah Cooper

Senior lecturer

Staff profile image of Jamie Salter

Dr Jamie Salter

Senior Lecturer in Sport Science and Injury

Suzanne Dickinson

Employer Engagement & Student Opportunities Manager