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Leadership Pioneers Network Centre Research Group

This group focuses on innovative and pioneering approaches to leadership research.

The Leadership Pioneers Network Centre Research Group is primarily interested in leadership research, focusing on exploring various aspects of leadership, including its dynamics, impact, and effective strategies.

We investigate topics related to leadership, which could include leadership styles, organisational leadership, leadership development, and the influence of leadership on organisational outcomes.

We employ both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Qualitative methods may involve in-depth interviews, case studies, and content analysis to understand leadership experiences and behaviours. Quantitative methods may include surveys and statistical analyses to measure and quantify leadership traits and their impact.

We meet regularly, specifically on a fortnightly basis. These meetings likely serve as forums for discussing research findings, sharing insights and planning future research endeavours.

The Leadership Pioneers Network Centre group was formed with the intention of bringing together researchers and professionals interested in pushing the boundaries of leadership studies. The group is a collaborative platform for sharing ideas, methodologies and findings among individuals passionate about advancing the understanding of leadership in various contexts.

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We welcome research proposals from prospective PhD students and new members from across diverse areas such as innovative leadership styles, the intersection of technology and leadership, cross-cultural leadership dynamics and the development of novel quantitative or qualitative methodologies to explore emerging trends in leadership studies.

Group members

Dr Bilal Zaghmout

Group lead, Senior Lecturer in Business Management

Dr Ejindu Morah

Senior Lecturer in Business Management

Dr Uma Ema

Lecturer in Business Management

Dr Adebowale Adeshipo

Lecturer in Business Management