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Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships - Our Strategy

The heart of the University mission is to advance knowledge and create education opportunities for the benefit of all, and degree apprenticeships is one of the ways we can do this, incorporating employers and apprentices from all backgrounds and disciplines.

The grounding in work-based learning that degree apprenticeships provide makes up one of the clear strands of our priority, being clear about career. Our purpose and vision for apprenticeship development should align with our brand and values.

The tri-partite relationship of employers, apprentices and the University is at the heart of what we do – without that relationship, our degree apprenticeship programmes cannot succeed. The development of degree apprenticeships should engage employers so that we understand and can respond to their changing needs. Employers should be involved in any conversations you are having in the development of programmes and engaged in the regular monitoring and evaluation process for established programmes.

These programmes should contribute to the sustainable growth of the University, using market insight to develop our portfolio in a strategic way. The portfolio we provide should be an exceptional product to help us retain existing clients and secure new business.

We are committed to providing a safe environment for all our learners. Our apprenticeships safeguarding officer can provide first-line support and guidance in this area. You can read more about our approach to safeguarding and wellbeing here.

This Quality Gateway provides an overview of apprenticeship provision at York St John. Staff involved in delivery of apprenticeship should refer to the Degree Apprenticeships intranet site for detailed guidance and processes to follow.

Degree Apprenticeships - a definition

Programme Approval

Programme Design and Structure

Gateway Requirements and the End Point Assessment

The Tri-partite Relationship

Monitoring Degree Apprenticeships

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