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Interdisciplinary sports performance and injury research (InSPIRe)

This research group is led by Dr Jamie Salter.

This research group combines applied interdisciplinary expertise and knowledge from a mix of academic staff and research students in sports injury and sports performance.

The group is interested in enhancing long-term outcomes for athletes by reducing injury risk and improving performance, particularly in youth and female athletes. Additionally, the group is interested in engaging community partners through informed, strategic, and impactful knowledge exchange to bridge the research-practice gap.

Previous research from group members has explored the psychosocial considerations of sports injury and their impact on return to sport, the impact of growth and maturation on training load responses in adolescent football and the blood biomarker response to stress and training load in football.

Get in touch

We invite enquiries regarding new research opportunities and events to contact the group lead, Dr Jamie Salter at

Research activity

Salter, J., Black, J., Mallett, J., Barrett, S., Towlson, C., Hughes, J. and De Ste Croix, M. (2022). Does biologically categorised training alter the perceived exertion and neuromuscular movement profile of academy soccer players compared to traditional age-group categorisation? European Journal of Sport Sciences, published online ahead of print.

Salter, J., Julian, R., Mentzel, S., Hamilton, A., Hughes, J. and De Ste Croix, M. (2022). Maturity status influences perceived training load and neuromuscular performance during an Academy soccer season. Research in Sports Medicine, published online ahead of print.

Salter, J., Cresswell, R. and Forsdyke, D. (2021). The impact of simulated soccer match-play on hip and hamstring strength in academy soccer players. Science and Medicine in Football, published online ahead of print.

Towlson, C., Salter, J., Ade, J., Enright, K., Harper, L., Page, R. and Malone, J. (2020). Maturity-associated considerations for training load, injury risk, and physical performance within youth soccer: One size does not fit all. Journal of Sport and Health Science, published online ahead of print.

Forsdyke D., Gledhill, A., Ardern, C. (2017). Psychological readiness to return to sport: three elements to help the practitioners decide whether the athlete is REALLY ready? British Journal of Sports Medicine, 51, 555-556.

Group members

Staff profile image of Jamie Salter

Dr Jamie Salter

Group leader, Senior Lecturer: Sport Science and Injury

Staff profile image of Dale Forsdyke

Dale Forsdyke

Senior Lecturer: Sports Injury Management

Zoe Dawson

Lecturer: Sport

A staff profile image of Owen Kavanagh

Dr Owen Kavangh

Senior Lecturer: Biomedical Sciences

A staff profile image of Alastair Jordan

Dr Alastair Jordan

Senior Lecturer: Clinical Biomechanics

A staff profile photo of Dr Daniel Glassbrook

Dr Daniel Glassbrook

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science

Dr Dane Vishnubala

Georgia Hutchinson

Postgraduate Researcher

Luke Walsh

Postgraduate Researcher