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International Centre for Community Music

Ethno Research

Findings from the 2019 to 2022 Ethno Research project.

Group of musicians playing together outside at an Ethno gathering. Image by Audrey Goforth.

Ethno Research was a large-scale research project examining the pedagogy and impact of JM International's Ethno programme.

The research was led by Professor Lee Higgins at the International Centre for Community Music and took place between 2019 and 2022.

Explore the findings of Ethno Research on this page.

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Understanding the Magic of the Ethno Experience

Ethno Pedagogy

This animated film presents the key findings from the Pedagogy and Professional Development research report.

Animation: Daniel Stirrup (

Ethno 2022

This animated film presents the findings in the 'Exploring New Pathways' research report. The research looked at the development of Ethno as it has expanded to regions far beyond its roots in Sweden.

Animation: Daniel Stirrup (

Ethno Research events

Ethno Research held a series of online events that considered essential issues for inclusive, accessible and intercultural music-making practices and pedagogies through the lens of Ethno.

These events brought together perspectives from Ethno global music gatherings, with leading experts in the fields of ethnomusicology, intercultural music-making, music education and music activism from across the globe.

Find out more about the individual events in the drop-down menu. Watch recordings of the event discussions in our event video gallery.

Professor Huib Schippers alongside Ethno Organisers Durgesh Kanwal and Concepción Neuling, discussed music-making for intercultural understanding.

They considered what young musicians from different parts of the world bring to Ethno in terms of musical and social skills, as well as cultural preconceptions. How do you truly open yourself up to the Ethno experience and what set of skills and attributes do you need to truly understand other cultures?

Professor Te Oti Rakena, along with Ethno organizers Willie Tekatoha (Ethno Solomon Islands) and Sarah Macdonald (Ethno New Zealand), discussed issues of inclusion, identity and cultural diversity in collaborative music-making.

They considered navigating identity through group music-making, valuing, respecting and opening out to others, decoloniality, and pluralities of doing and knowing.

Professor Katharina Doring of Ethno Bahia, and Gayighayi Mathews Mfune of Ethno Malawi, considered glocal music practices in response to Ethno Research publications, after a discussion with Professor Suzel Reily of the State University of Campinas.

Event recordings

Explore our research outputs

Musicians and dancers celebrating together. Image by Jason Keefer.

Ethno World timeline

The Ethno World timeline is an archive which provides highlights of every Ethno experience since the first Ethno in 1990.

Ethno participant playing violin outside. Image by Megan Blennerhassett

Research reports

Reports and findings from the Ethno Research project, including the final report: Understanding the Magic of the Ethno Experience.

Evening music performance by group at Ethno Croatia. Image by Zvoncek

Pilot case studies

Findings from 2019 Ethno case studies in Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, Flanders, Estonia and Catalonia.

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