Dissertation Success

What is Dissertation Success?

Whether or not you've written a dissertation before, Dissertation Success is here to help you with plenty of practical hints, tips, and advice.

For many of our students, your time with us at York St John University will be your first experience of writing a dissertation. However, whether or not this is the first one you've written, this can still be a challenging and perhaps even daunting experience. This is where Dissertation Success can help.

Your dissertation involves researching an area of interest in more depth than you will have done in any previous assignment. Dissertation Success is full of hints and tips to help you get the most out of this experience when it comes to Library resources, IT and academic technologies. Take time out to familiarise yourself with the useful advice and guidance provided here, and feel confident writing your dissertation.

If you want to seek further advice on actually writing your dissertation, or strategies for managing your time as you do so, study development are available too.

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