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Supporting a student scholarship

Your support can help students facing significant barriers access a York St John University education.

Three education students work together in the library.

Alumni-funded scholarships

Your donations go towards supporting students facing significant barriers to study, allowing them access to education.

In 2021/22 academic year, you supported 12 scholarships:

  • 2 Welcome Back to Education scholarships
  • 6 Enabling Education scholarships
  • 3 Ed De Nunzio scholarships (with a further 2 emergency funds granted)

Eligibility is determined by application, information from York St John student records and through a scholarship panel. If you are a student interested in applying for a scholarship, please go to Funding opportunities - alumni-funded scholarships.

Why do we need you?

Nearly 80% of our students come from backgrounds underrepresented in Higher Education.

They may have spent time in care, have a physical or mental disability, or be a mature student with other demands on their time. This should not restrict their access to education.

With your help we can open the door to higher education, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be a part of the university experience.

Returning to education in the middle of a global pandemic at nearly 50 years old and struggling with disability, debt and the benefits system, may seem to some foolish. However, as the first year marches towards its end and 12 months after the start of the first lockdown I find I made the right decision. At Christmas I had almost given up. I had a 12 year old laptop that wouldn't run the course software, using Teams to learn online when Teams wouldn't really work. The DWP was taking part of my student finance and the DSA forced lots of equipment I didn't want or need which I had to part fund with money I didn't have. I just could not see how I could continue with my studies.

Then the team at YSJ stepped in starting with my head of course, and guiding me through to welfare who made me aware of the student support and alumni-funded scholarship. Slowly the tide turned. The aspire scheme and student funding helped me get an iPad. With this scholarship I can now get a up to date computer and for me that is a huge step forward. In the past three months I have gone from can we pay the rent if I stay at uni, to I can get the tools I need to work harder. So, thank you to everyone who makes this scheme possible, you have given me a chance and the tools, I won't waste it. I am already planning for a masters.

1st year student, Product Design BA

To maintain the level of support our scholarships provide, we need to raise at least £18,000 per year. Last year we were able to support 12 students but with your help we can support more.

Any and all contributions are vital and can be made in the following ways:

Create your own scholarship

This year we are launching a new scholarship which can be personalised around you. You can choose your own criteria whether that be sponsoring a student from your local area, or for a certain degree course. It is completely up to you.

In order to support a student fully there needs to be a minimum donation of £1,000 for three years but aside from that you can donate as much or as little as you would like.

Students would apply through the same application process as the other alumni-funded scholarships and there will be an opportunity for you to be involved in the final selection process.

As a thank you for creating your own scholarship you will be invited to join the Cordukes Circle, an exclusive membership for committed supporters.

If you would like to contribute to a scholarship but are not able to do so on your own, how about donating as a group as part of our new campaign for Years of Scholarship. This is a new initiative where alumni from the same graduation year can club together to donate a scholarship in honour of their year group.

We are always open to new ideas for scholarships. For example, you might want to donate in recognition of your old club or society. Any ideas are welcome.

Please email to discuss this further.

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