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Scholarships for alumni

We offer generous scholarships for recent graduates and all of our alumni can benefit from reduced postgraduate course fees.

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Choose to stay with us for a postgraduate course and you can improve your career prospects, immerse yourself further into your subject and continue to enjoy all the benefits of studying with us.

Whether you have just graduated or had some time away, we would love to welcome you back to take your education even further with us.

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Progression scholarships

Alumni who graduated from full or part time study at York St John University or one of our Partner Colleges in or after 2019 can get a scholarship to cover their postgraduate course fees. The scholarship you can get is based on your undergraduate degree award.

If you were awarded You can get
1st class honours 50% reduction in fees
2:1 (upper second class honours) 35% reduction in fees
2:2 (lower second class honours) 20% reduction in fees

Alumni who graduated in or after 2019 from full or part time study at York St John University or one of our Partner Colleges on a postgraduate course can also receive a scholarship for one of our research degrees.

If you were awarded You can get
Distinction 50% reduction in fees
Merit 35% reduction in fees

These scholarships apply to both our postgraduate taught and research courses (see exclusions below). They apply to courses at our York or London campuses.

These scholarships do not apply to our Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) MSc, Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration) MSc, Paramedic Science (Pre-Registration) MSc, Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, short courses, or any of our PGCE courses. They also do not apply to courses delivered in partnership with other providers.

The Progression scholarship cannot be combined with the Alumni scholarship fee reduction.

The progression scholarship eligibility from each obtained result may only be used once. For example, an applicant with a first class honours progressing to a masters course would be eligible for 50%. Once used, this discount cannot then be applied to further study such as a PhD, and any progression scholarship for this study would be calculated from the results of the Masters degree.

For students who are looking to progress from a Masters by Research course to a full research degree, a discount of 35% will be applied.

Please note that 2024 entry will be the last year that this scheme is offered in its current form. We will provide an update on the scheme for 2025 entry onwards towards the end of August.

Alumni scholarships

All of our alumni can get a 10% reduction in their postgraduate course fees. It does not matter when you graduated.

The Alumni Scholarship does not apply to our Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) MSc, Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration) MSc, Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology or Paramedic Science (Pre-Registration) MSc.

The Alumni scholarship cannot be combined with the Progression scholarship.

Applying for these scholarships

As long as you meet the criteria and are applying for an eligible course, you will receive the scholarship and this is not a competitive process. However, you will need to complete a short application to ensure that it is applied at enrolment and have your eligibility checked.

Once you are holding an unconditional offer, you will receive an email with a short form to apply. Our Admissions Team will receive your form, check your eligibility and will let you know the outcome. If you believe you are eligible, are holding an unconditional place and have not received this email, please contact

If you are awarded a scholarship, this will be applied to your finances at enrolment and you will see the amended amount on your first payment.

Continuing your studies at York St John

Staying at York St John for your postgraduate studies means that the great teaching and academic support you have already experienced will continue. We will help you to make the most of the opportunities postgraduate study offers.

Most of our courses offer flexible study, meaning you can work part time alongside your degree. With funding available both from the university and from government loans, postgraduate study is more affordable than ever.

People with a postgraduate qualification will earn an average of £7,000 a year more than those with only an undergraduate degree.

(Department For Education Graduate Labour Market Report 2020)