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Ethno musicians to visit York St John University on Tuesday 15 & Friday 18 October 2019

On Tuesday 15th, 6pm in the Chapel, Lauren Spiceley and Maya McCourt (Ethno England) will present a short concert with tunes and songs from Ethnos across the world. They will be joined by the Education and Community music students from York St John University to perform a song learned and arranged in one day. E-mail for more information. 

Världens Band, an ensemble of 13 musicians from 7 countries and 3 continents, will visit the ICCM at York St John University, on Friday 18th. The band will perform a free concert at 6.30pm in the Chapel, all welcome, while students will have the chance to take part in a workshop in the afternoon.

The band members first met at an 'Ethno' music camp in Sweden, where they shared the folk music from their separate countries through the Ethno model of peer-to-peer learning. Since then, they have toured regularly as a band, performing a mix of folk and roots music from all members’ native countries in a style self-branded as ‘Transglobal Roots Fusion’. The visit will form part of the Ethno Research project currently undertaken by researchers at the ICCM. 


The ICCM is happy to announce that Stephen Clift has been awarded the title of Visiting Professor

Director of the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, Stephen Clift has worked in the field of health promotion and public health for over twenty-five years, and has made contributions to research, practice and training on HIV/AIDS prevention, sex education, international travel and health and the health promoting school. His current interests relate to arts and heath and particularly the potential value of group singing for health and wellbeing. 

Stephen is one of the founding editors of  Arts & Health: An international journal for research, policy and practice and co-editor of the Oxford Textbook for  Creative Arts, Health and Wellbeing.  He has worked very closely with the Royal Society for Public Health in promoting the field of arts and health, and established the Arts and Health Awards in 2008, and the Arts, Health and Wellbeing Special Interest Group, in 2015.

Stephen say, "I am delighted to have been offered the honorary position of Visiting Professor at York St John University, and I look forward to playing an active role in the work of the International Centre for Community Music, and contributing to the academic life of the university."

Everybody connected to the ICCM looks forward to fruitful engagements with Stephen in the coming years.


5th Annual ICCM Student Research Symposium, in partnership with Sound Sense

This year the symposium will focus on "Critique, not criticism: why we ask the questions we ask".

Booking for this years symposium is now open until the 17th November 2019. Details of the booking process can be found below.

ICCM Students Research Symposium - Call for Participation 2019

Critique, not criticism: why we ask the questions we ask

5th Annual ICCM Student Research Symposium, in partnership with Sound Sense

Date: Monday 25th (1200 – 1700) and Tuesday 26th November 2019 (0900 – 1630)

Venue: Hilton Double Tree, St Maurice's Rd, York, YO31 7JA

The 5th annual International Centre for Community Music Student Research Symposium entitled: 'Critique, not criticism: why we ask the questions we ask' is now open for booking. Through this year’s theme, presentations will explore the ways in which we discuss our critical perspectives of community music, how these are presented, and an opportunity to learn from each other’s experience of feedback and critique within research.

As community music continues to grow as a global research field, it is imperative that we, as early career scholars, challenge and question our methodological, conceptual and pedagogical approaches as part of reflexive contributions to community music discourse. How we frame this critique and the questions, we pose through this, be it within our work or the work of others, requires careful construction if we are to stimulate innovative and critical discussion in our field.

It is our intention that through the theme, this year's symposium will enable a lively and encouraging discussion that goes deeper than the short 'question and answer’ sessions that often follow symposium contributions. This two-day event will create space for critical and focused discussion supporting our critical perspectives within a supportive community of practice.

The conference fee is £40 (includes refreshments on both days and lunch on the second day) and booking for this year's symposium will be open until Sunday 17th November 2019.

Bookings can be made via the following link: Conferences - 5th Annual ICCM Student Research Symposium in Partnership with Sound Sense.

For more information, please contact



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