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The ICCM is delighted to announce that Kathryn Deane has been awarded the title of Visiting Professor.

While the title is an honorary one, both Kathryn Deane, and the director Lee Higgins, are keen to explore the opportunities that a visiting professor can bring to both the Centre and the University more widely. Kathryn Deane’s support and advice will be invaluable on the development of the newly proposed Master programme as well as acting as a member of the ICCM’s international advisory board. Kathryn is particularly keen to reach out across the university, and to network with its other visiting professors: making the most of the opportunities to be a critical friend and external ambassador. She is looking forward to learning from the centre’s students. And to investigating possibilities for future collaborative research projects.

Kathryn Deane says: “I’m honoured, flattered, and not a little chuffed to have been offered this honorary title. I have been walking around with a silly grin on my face ever since I was given the news. As I retire from the very full-time job of running the UK’s association for community music and musicians, this feels a bit like a lifetime achievement award – not so much for me but for Sound Sense and community music. If it’s laurel I certainly don’t intend to rest on it: it has given me fresh impetus to explore, with Lee Higgins (who was one of the first community musicians I met when I joined Sound Sense 21½ years ago!), some interesting work in different fields to those I was walking in when at Sound Sense.”

We look forward to working with Kathryn over the coming years!