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An introduction to Motivational Interviewing

Learn how the principles and micro skills can enhance your communication and engage your service users in meaningful behaviour change.

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Learn how to engage and enhance intrinsic motivation for change in your service users. This course will help you strengthen a person-centred style of communication, that maintains autonomy and affirms strengths of those you are helping. You will have a working understanding of the stages of change and how motivational interviewing can be used effectively within this. You will learn how to effectively use the core skills of this approach known as ‘OARS’. This is Open-ended questions, Affirmations, Reflective, listening and summarising.

York campus

  • Course leader – Sally Neal
  • Dates and times

    Wednesday 3 July 2024 - 9.30am to 4.00pm

Course Fees

£100 per person

Course information

Who is this course for?

This course is for individuals working in health, mental health, social care and criminal justice sectors. If you have an interest in helping people change problematic behaviours then this course is for you. 

What will I learn?

Motivational interviewing is an effective counselling method that enhances motivation through resolution of ambivalence or doubt. This approach includes learnable techniques which will allow the patient to begin to think and to speak about the advantages of behavioural change and treatment for them. You will learn the main principles and core skills associated with motivational interviewing and motivational dialogue. 

How will I learn?

You will learn in a group setting, with both teamwork and individual group work on the day. This interactive session will allow you to put in to practice the skills you have learnt and will continue to develop.

How will my employer benefit?

  • Improve practice culture and improve the wellbeing of practitioners and patients.
  • Positively contribute to the professionalism of healthcare professionals and their sense of satisfaction from work.
  • Provides self-confidence, professionalism for the employees and protects against burnout.

Course leader biographies

Sally Neal

Sally began her career in the voluntary sector, writing and delivering drug prevention programmes and developing drug and alcohol policies for businesses. She has many years’ experience in the NHS centre of excellence Leeds Addiction Unit and was an honorary lecturer for the University of Leeds teaching on the Addiction Studies degree programme. This created an opportunity to both teach and practice evidence-based addiction therapy including Motivational Interviewing.  Sally has specialised in working with those who have co-occurring mental illness with addiction problems, childbearing drug users and safeguarding. She has a particular interest in evidence based psychosocial interventions and now runs her own practice in York. “Motivational dialogue is the cornerstone of my delivery style and has undoubtedly enhanced my practice and ability to engage people in treatment”. 

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