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Quality gateway

Information for Partners

Communication and links

With any partnership we know that the key factor is communication. We will try and contact partners on a regular schedule and set out suggested contact points when we start a new partnership. At the University level Academic Quality Support take a lead on the day to day support of partners and this is backed, at School level, by programme contacts.

Tasks across the year

We are now committed to producing an operations manual for each collaborative partnership we set up. This document will set out key tasks and also identify who is responsible. The operations manual will be approved as part of the programme approval process. 

Collaborative Programme Representatives

Collaborative Programme Representatives (CPRs) work as the key academic contact for collaborative partnerships. The CPR may be the key contact for a particular programme or across a number of programmes and provides a first point of contact between academic members of staff. They can field queries about academic standards and the quality of the student experience, or will direct queries to relevant members of YSJU staff. 


Guidance is available across the Validating New Programmes in regard to a number of processes and procedures. In the majority of cases the processes for collaborative partners mirror our internal processes; the aim of this is to keep operations as streamlined and simple as possible. Below are links to information on a number of processes/procedures that are likely to be useful.

Staff development and support

Where possible YSJU will offer link meetings, events and staff development to support partners. Currently we hold an External Examiners briefing to take externals through regulations and assessment, which is open to partners on an annual basis. Our Learning and Teaching Team also offer events, which partners can access.

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