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Cordukes Circle

Helping change lives. Funding the future.

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The Cordukes Circle brings together individuals who have committed to regular donations for over 5 years or have donated a total greater than £1,000. Those who have pledged a legacy to the University in their will are also invited to join.

In return for your generosity and commitment to the university, you will be welcomed into the Cordukes Circle.

This gives you access to exclusive events, regular updates from the university, and a bespoke Cordukes pin.

How you have helped

This year alone you have helped to fund 12 scholarships which has allowed underrepresented individuals to have access to education.

You have eased the burden of carers travelling large distances in between university and home, provided books to keep on top of study and allowed individuals to enjoy the York St John University experience.

Find out more about alumni-funded scholarship recipients.

They, like us, are extremely grateful for everything you do.

It has been a struggle to get from my previous accommodation at the YMCA to York St John on my own. However, with the support of incredible staff - including those in Music Production, Wellbeing and Financial Advice - I've experienced a very friendly, helpful and outstanding board of people, who have shown brilliantly how to handle an individual's personal concerns so professionally.

This Scholarship is another example of just how much York St John shows - not just says, but through active involvement - the University cares for its students. The staff have all demonstrated keen empathy and understanding, not only in how important it is to protect and safeguard students but that they know how to put words into actions in the most appropriate and hope-lifting way. It's quite common for students - of all ages and brackets of schooling - to be sceptical towards reaching out for help from administration as it's not unheard of for boards to not show willingness to adapt and change to modern times and address the challenges our young generations face. However, York St John have, so far, shown me the opposite. As an estranged young person, I've felt very much listened to and looked after right from the beginning.

Music Production student

How to become a Cordukes Circle member

You can meet the criteria stated above by donating through the following channels:

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