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Short course

Print Making: Cyanotype Workshop

Learn the process of cyanotype printing. You'll make your own prints and experiment with new printmaking techniques and materials.

Our cyanotype workshops are open to all, from beginners wishing to learn a new skill to experienced artists and photographers. Cyanotype printing originates from the blueprint used to create accurate and unlimited copies. In 1843 Anna Atkin used this as a photographic process documenting botanical specimens. This workshop is an opportunity to explore and experiment with this process, creating lasting prints which you can take with you and place in your home. Materials will be provided but please feel free to bring objects to print with such as feathers, dried flowers, translucent fabric, large format photo negatives and images/drawings printed on acetate.

  • Location – York campus
  • Duration – One-day study day
  • Start date – TBC
  • Facilitator - Helen Parker

Course Fees

    £20 Please email for any queries

Course information

Over the sessions attendees will learn about the process and techniques of cyanotype printmaking. There is no formal qualification gained at the end of the workshops, but the sessions provide equipment, space and direction. 

You will learn in a creative environment at your own pace, with direction from the tutor and peer group discussions so that you can develop your skills and create wonderful prints to take home.

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process used to produce copies of drawings called “blueprints”. In these workshops you will learn the process of a cyanotype print and experiment with this to make your own prints using objects and images. The course will start with learning and experimenting with cyanotype printing, before going on to creating other forms of printmaking such as copperplate etching and lino prints.

The workshops are aimed at learners who enjoy working creatively with others and as well as enjoy experimenting with different printmaking techniques and materials.

Sessions can be attended on a week by week basis, and attendees can either pay on the night, or book their place on our website in advance. However, for longer projects, students may wish to make sure they attend regularly to ensure they get the most benefit out of the course.

Please note that the lighting in this workshop will be very limited or turned off at times as the materials used are light sensitive.

Course leader biographies

Helen Parker is a Fine Art graduate from York St John. Since graduating Helen has practiced in a wide range of skills as a Technician. She won the School House Gallery award and has exhibited around York.

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