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Short course

Developing a Coaching Culture

Learn how to create a strong team working environment to increase creativity, inclusion and trust.

The Thinking Environment®, developed over the last thirty years by Nancy Kline, enables team members to feel more engaged and nurtures respectful relationships. A coaching culture is developed amongst teams where individuals are empowered to think for themselves, within a supportive environment. This course will demonstrate a range of practical applications in order to enhance a coaching culture among teams. There will also be opportunity to practice the necessary skills and behaviours which are the foundation of a Thinking Environment® in order for true teams to emerge.

York campus

  • Duration – 1-day study day
  • Start date – Contact us for further information using the form below.
  • Facilitator - Rachel Martin, Certified Facilitator for Time to Think 

Course Fees

    £95 For self-funded individuals

Course information

By attending this course you will learn

Attendees will learn about the Ten Components (behaviours) of a Thinking Environment® by experiencing them first-hand and applying them in different scenarios.

Attendees will learn and practise the applications of a Thinking Environment® and apply them when working in teams.

This course is designed for people who manage teams or work cross functionally, to achieve shared objectives.

What difference will it make to my attendees?

You will learn how to apply these techniques to yourself, thus making you less vulnerable to non-useful thinking habits and behaviours.

Benefits to the employee

  • Encourage inclusivity and trust amongst team members
  • Enhance communication and empower individuals
  • Improve quality of decision making and commitment
  • Increase creativity and idea generation.

Benefits to the employer

  • Develop a coaching culture and a stronger team working environment
  • Engage people and make them feel valued
  • Create an environment where people enjoy coming to work, positively impacting on performance.

Course leader biographies

Rachel Martin

As an experienced lecturer, facilitator and coach, and Subject Director for CPD in the School of Health Sciences, Rachel teaches on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. 

Rachel also designs and facilitates bespoke leadership programmes for organisations, including the NHS.  Rachel is a Certified Facilitator for Time to Think (Nancy Kline) and is inspired by generating independent thinking and enhancing individual and team communication.

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