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Languages and Linguistics Research Group

This research group is led by Dr Clare Cunningham.

This group aims to complement the work of another research group in our subject area, the Centre for Language and Social Justice Research

We do this by offering a space to nurture a very broad range of linguistics and languages-related research and its researchers.

The focus of the group's activities, therefore, is development, involving regular scheduled 'Research Conversations' in which we take it in turns to be a 'conversation starter' on a pressing topic for research development or for the discipline.

We currently have research projects ongoing focused on:

  • Motivation in language learning
  • Ecolinguistics
  • The acquisition of phonology in childhood
  • Institutional and professional discourses in multinational or multilingual contexts
  • Cross-linguistic awareness in young language learners

Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of projects.

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We encourage applications from prospective postgraduate research students across a range of linguistically-related topics, from more theoretically or structurally based language and linguistic research to highly applied and activist-applied linguistics.

Group members

Clare Cunningham

Dr Clare Cunningham

Group leader, Associate Professor

Christopher Hall

Professor Chris Hall

Professor of Applied Linguistics

Staff profile image of Helen Sauntson

Professor Helen Sauntson

Professor of English Language and Linguistics

Rachel Wicaksono

Professor Rachel Wicaksono

Professor of TESOL and Applied Linguistics

Dai O'Brien

Dr Dai O'Brien

Associate Professor in British Sign Language

Staff profile image of Leesa Clarke

Dr Leesa Clarke

Associate Head: Language and Linguistics

Staff profile image of Nikki Swift

Nikki Swift

Associate Head: Language and Linguistics

Dr Kyoungmi Kim

Senior Lecturer

Staff photo of Yeji Han

Dr Yeji Han

Senior Lecturer

Profile image of Chisato Danjo

Dr Chisato Danjo

Senior Lecturer

Staff profile image of Indu Meddegama

Dr Indu Meddegama

Senior Lecturer

Dr Kate Whisker-Taylor

Senior Lecturer

Staff profile image of Maja Skender Lizatovic

Dr Maja Skender-Lizatovic


Staff photo of Hana Jee

Dr Hana Jee


Dr Daniel Edmondson


Dr Sara Librenjak