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Paragon Research and Innovation (PRI)

This research group is led by Dr Soonleh Ling with Dr Nalinda Somasiri as co-lead.

Paragon Research and Innovation (PRI) brings together a multi-disciplinary group of researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), IoT, cybersecurity, data science and related fields.

The main goal of PRI is to encourage and empower research activities from different disciplines across York St John University students and academics. The second goal of PRI is to establish 'win-win' collaboration with industries and other University colleagues.

PRI promotes creative research pedagogy, collaboration and friendly research culture within the group. Regular study sessions, brainstorming sessions are held to stimulate new ideas, innovative thinking and creative thoughts on how to advance the research capabilities of group members.

PRI will continue to explore new methodologies in the field of research to incubate impactful research outputs that can benefit York St John University and the wider research community.

Download our research plan: Paragon Research and Innovation Research Plan (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Get in touch

PRI welcomes prospective PhD students and York St John University colleagues who are interested in multi-disciplinary research to jointly conduct research projects on various topics of interest.

PRI will support your research topics via collaborative project structure and will also link up with industrial partners. Join us today!

Research activity

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Group members

Dr Soonleh Ling

Group leader, Senior Lecturer

Dr Nalinda Somasiri

Group co-leader, Head of Programme

Dr Rebecca Balasundaram


Dr Uma Padmini Ema


Swathi Ganesan


Dr Gayathri Karthick


Dr Ovinda Wijeyaratne


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