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Responsible Marketing Research Group

This research group is led by Dr Rebecca Biggins, Emma Johnson and Dr Winojith Sanjeewa.

This group is concerned with understanding consumers, the variety of marketing purposes, branding and social media contexts in a way that aligns with the PRME ethos of York Business School.

Our work covers marketing at all levels and in all types of organisations (multinational organisations, small to medium organisations, social enterprises, third sector, and more), the consumers that engage with them and the environments that they operate within. The group works to collaboratively examine the social, environmental and technological contexts, trends and emerging issues in the market.

Within the team, there is a range of qualitative and quantitative researchers.

We have regular group meetings where we discuss and provide updates on our ongoing research activities and consider any new ideas. This assists with motivation and helps team camaraderie.

Get in touch

We welcome enquires from academics and professionals interested in pursuing research into marketing, or anyone interested in pursuing a research degree (PhD) in this field or wishing to join the group.

Research activity

Journal articles

Coombes, P. H. (2023). Systematic Review Research in Marketing Scholarship: Optimizing Rigor. International Journal of Market Research, forthcoming.
Coombes, P. H. (2023). A Review of Business Model Research: What Next for Industrial Marketing Scholarship? Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 38(3), 520-532.

Coombes, P. H., and Singh, P. (2022). In Pursuit of the 'Pink Pound': A Systematic Literature Review. International Journal of Market Research, 64(4), 451-469.
Coombes, P. H., and Nicholson, J. D. (2021). Building an Entrepreneurial Business Model: The Case of MKM Building Supplies Ltd. The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 22(4), 275-283.
Coombes, P. H., and Nicholson, J. D. (2021). Exploring Dynamic Capabilities in Open Business Models: The Case of a Public-Private Sector Partnership. The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 22(2), 124-131.
Coombes, P. H., and Jones, S. (2020). Toward Auto-netnography in Consumer Studies. International Journal of Market Research, 62(6), 658-665.

Moisieiev, D., Dimitriu, R. and Jain, S.P. (2020) ‘So happy for your loss: Consumer schadenfreude increases choice satisfaction’, Psychology & Marketing, Online Early Access. doi:

Book chapter

Cooper, S. and Pearman, S., 2021. Is There Such a Thing as "Comparableness"? The Challenges Facing the EEs of Higher-Education Courses Delivered within Further-Education Institutions. In The Role of External Examining in Higher Education: Challenges and Best Practices. Emerald Publishing Limited.

Refereed conference papers

Coombes, P. H. (2023). A Critique of Thirty Years of Systematic Review Research in Business-to-Business Marketing: The Pursuit of Rigor. Paper to be presented at the 39th Annual IMP Conference, Manchester, UK, 23-25 August 2023.
Hattersley, D., Beresford, P., and Coombes, P. H. (2023). Parkrun and Value Co-creation: An Application of Service Dominant Logic to the Study of Parkrun as a Value Co-creation Ecosystem. Paper presented at the 55th Academy of Marketing Conference, Birmingham, UK, 3-6 July 2023.

Chapman, S., Moisieiev, D. and Dimitriu, R. (2018) Happy for Your Loss: Why Schadenfreude Makes Consumers More Satisfied with Their Choices. European Marketing Academy Conference, Glasgow, UK.

Moisieiev, D. and Dimitriu, R. (2018) Reversibility and Variety: Reversible Decisions Vary, Interact with Variety Seeking in Affecting Choice Satisfaction. Winter American Marketing Association Conference, New Orleans, LA, US.

Moisieiev, D., Dimitriu, R. and Jain, S.P. (2018) I'm So Happy (for Your Loss): Consumer Schadenfreude Increases Choice Satisfaction. Society for Consumer Psychology Conference, Dallas, TX, US.

Moisieiev, D. and Dimitriu, R. (2018) Unmake up Your Mind: Why Some Reversible Decisions Impact Satisfaction More Positively than Others. Society for Consumer Psychology Conference, Dallas, TX, US.

Group members

Rebecca Biggins staff profile image

Dr Rebecca Biggins

Group leader, Associate Dean: Marketing, Sport, Fashion, Tourism, Events and HR

Emma Johnson staff profile

Emma Johnson

Group leader, Lecturer

Staff profile image of Winojith Sanjeewa

Dr Winojith Sanjeewa

Group leader, Lecturer

Dr Dmytro Moisieiev


Paul Stallard

Senior Lecturer

Staff profile image of Oliver MacDonald

Oliver MacDonald

Visiting Lecturer

Dr Philip Coombes

Senior Lecturer

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