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Brand guidelines

Visual assets

Assets and style guidance for using the York St John University brand.

Close up of York St John University sign

No matter the project, medium or platform, we follow 3 design principles to help guide us in making the right creative decisions for our products and experiences.

  1. Our design should address users wants and needs, not make them change their behaviours to fit around us. We test our messages and products to reflect the understanding of our audiences.

  2. The end product of our design process should be the creation of communications that are useable and accessible by everyone, reflecting the open and inclusive education we offer.

  3. Our communications should be clear, concise and transparent, conform to relevant legislation and avoid misleading or confusing our audiences. Simple, ethical, user-focused choices create better experiences for everyone.

Detailed guidance on how to apply our brand assets is available on the pages below.

Our brand assets

Guidance for creative professionals


Our photography style guide for creative professionals includes guidance on:

  • Taking portraits
  • Event photography
  • Copy space and file naming

Photography style


If you are a creative professional who has been commissioned to work on a video project for York St John University, please email and we will provide you with a video asset pack containing detailed guidelines, as well as graphic elements and other assets.