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Criminal Justice Research Network (CJRN)

This research group is led by Jo Doran.

The criminal justice system is a highly complex system, with highly complex problems.

It is in a state of constant flux, always adapting and changing. Solutions and reform originate from a multi-disciplinary range of research. The purpose of this research group is to bring together researchers from across the University who are researching, or interested in researching, any aspect of the criminal justice system.

We meet once every 6 weeks to share reading material, work in progress papers and create dedicated time.

The Criminal Justice Research Network (CJRN) aims are:

  • To provide an environment in which we can share knowledge, expertise, and ideas.
  • To create a network of people from all corners of the University with shared interests, but from differing academic fields.
  • To find shared narrow interests in the broad field of criminal justice.
  • To support early case resolution (ECR).
  • To create an arena that can assist our research-informed teaching practices.

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We would welcome new members from any areas of the criminal justice system.

Group members

Staff profile image of Jo Doran

Jo Doran


James Hart


Staff profile image of Rosie Smith

Dr Rosie Binfield-Smith

School Post Graduate Research Lead