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Lean Library

Find out about the Lean Library (Library Access) browser extension.

We are retiring Lean Library in August 2024.

Find our resources on the Library Catalogue, and use the Unpaywall browser extension to find open access articles around the web.

Lean Library (Library Access) is a browser extension which will detect if the library has access to a book or journal article you are trying to access.

A pop-up will appear to direct you to a login page to access the resource, to an Open Access version of the text, or to request the resource through the Inter Library Loan service.

Installing Lean Library

Lean Library works with all major browsers including Chrome and Firefox and is easy to install.

Download and install Lean Library into your browser and select York St John University from the list of libraries.

Download Lean Library to your browser

Using Lean Library

Once you have Lean Library running in your browser, it will help give you access to resources that the Library has bought or subscribed access to.

If you are searching for journal articles or books in a search engine and are faced with a paywall, Lean Library will check if you can access it through the library and direct you to our login page to get access.

If we do not have immediate access, Lean Library will offer you any Open Access versions it can find, or will help you to order the resource through our Inter Library Loans service.

Accessing resources made simple!