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Research support

Find out how Library and Learning Services can support your research, from Open Access to measuring the impact of your work.

Our Library and Learning Services team can support you in sharing your open research in line with the University policies.

Open research (also called open science and open scholarship) aims to make the research cycle as open as possible. It encourages sharing, collaboration and reuse at all stages of the research process, with open access and open data.

Open Access

Open Access (OA) is free and unrestricted access to research outputs. anyone can read, download and reuse research (subject to any licence restrictions).

There are several types of OA:

  • Green OA – where a version of a research output is made available free of charge to readers, often through an online repository and usually with an embargo period.
  • Gold OA – where published research outputs are made available immediately and free of charge to readers with opportunities to reuse the research according to any licence applied to the work. In return the author or their institution are usually (but not always) required to pay an article processing charge (APC) to the publisher.
  • Diamond OA – neither author or readers pay any charge and research outputs are published, made available immediately and can be reused according to the licence applied to the work.
  • Bronze OA – where published research outputs are free to read and download but are not licenced for reuse. Publishers may withdraw access to research at any time.

York St John University supports the principle of OA and where possible will follow the Green or Diamond OA routes. The University OA policy applies to all staff and research students who produce research outputs.  We ask staff to deposit all research outputs (including journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, physical artefacts, exhibitions and performances) into the University’s institutional repository, RaY, with bibliographic metadata and post prints/author accepted manuscripts of research outputs, subject to publisher copyright permissions.

York St John University Open Access Policy

Open Data

Open data is research data that is free to download, share, and reuse. During any research project, data is collected, observed and generated. There is growing encouragement from research funders to share research data once a project concludes.

Sharing research data may:

  • Increase the impact of your research
  • Comply with funder requirements
  • Lead to further research project and collaboration.
  • Ensure accountability and transparency of the research project.

When preparing to share data, researchers should try and make research data FAIR:

  • Findable – data and metadata should be easy to find
  • Accessible – data is accessible and should be clear to understand
  • Interoperable – data and metadata should be based on standardised vocabularies so that the data can be integrated into other workflows and systems
  • Reusable – data and metadata should be well-described so others can replicate or combine the data/metadata

York St John researchers can share their research data using the University’s open data repository RaYDaR.

REF and Open Access

UK higher education funding bodies believe that research outputs should be freely and widely available. Whilst the REF 2021 publication period closed on 31 December 2020, researchers should continue to comply with the requirements of the REF 2021 OA policy until further notice.

Decisions about a future REF OA policy will be made by the UK HE funding bodies based on consultation with the sector and evaluation of OA in REF 2021. However, any REF OA Policy will be similar to the UKRI OA Policy and if you are compliant with the UKRI OA policy, you will be compliant with the REF OA policy. The scope of the REF OA policy will be broader than the UKRI OA Policy.

To be eligible for submission for REF 2021, the final peer-reviewed manuscripts of research outputs must be deposited in an institutional or subject OA repository. The REF 2021 OA policy only applies to journal articles or conference proceedings with an ISSN. Whilst the REF 2021 OA policy does not currently apply to monographs, book chapters or other research outputs, the University’s OA policy requires researchers to deposit all research outputs into our institutional repository, RaY.

For further information, please email RaY (

Resources and information for researchers

RaY (Research at York St John)

Find out about RaY, the University's institutional repository service.

RaYDaR (Research at York St John Data Repository)

Find out about RaYDaR, the University's open data repository service.

Publishing your research

Support and guidance for publishing your research

Research Funder Open Access Publication Policies

Find out about research funder policies, including Plan S, an OA publishing initiative from cOAlition S.

Measure research impact

Gauge the online conversations surrounding specific research with Altmetric or analyse and cross-search citations with Web of Science.

Copyright for researchers

Guidance on copyright, licensing and publisher agreements.

Research data management

Guidance on research data management, supporting resources and York St John University’s research data management policy.

Using an ORCID iD

Find out how to create an ORCID iD that can be added to your research outputs.

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