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Supporting accessibility

The Accessibility Support Service is here to support you, as a student or staff member, with making your learning, teaching and research resources accessible to you and others with visual, physical or learning disabilities.

Accessibility for you

The 'Accessibility for you' information on this page is also available as a booklet in PDF and EPUB formats. EPUB files are compatible with most eReader devices and apps.

Accessibility Support Booklet (PDF, 0.3 MB)

Accessibility Support Booklet (.epub, 16.3 MB)

Your accessibility journey

Register for the Library's Accessibility Support Service

In order to register, you need to be able to declare one or more visual, physical or learning disabilities to us. You do not need to provide evidence. If you have a Learning Support Plan (LSP), registering for this service will have been suggested in your LSP.

Register for Accessibility Support Service

Receive your welcome email

You will receive a welcome email from the Accessibility Support Service which introduces you to key information. This includes:

Explore available services and resources

Many resources available to you, either on your Reading Lists or ones you find during your studies, may already be accessible to you in their current format. Our Help with Reading online guide has information about getting the most out of accessibility and reading tools.

If a resource isn’t accessible to you in its current format, you have three options available to you:

RNIB Bookshare

RNIB Bookshare is a website where you can search for and download books in more accessible formats, including PDF, Word, MP3 and DAISY audio files, and EPUB. An account is free and you can sign up when you register for our Accessibility Support Service, or by using the RNIB Bookshare Account form.

Read more about how to use RNIB Bookshare.

Document scanning or Tactile Copy request

If a book isn’t available on RNIB Bookshare, or you need to request a different type of resource, you can request a document to be scanned. You can request all essential reading for a module, or request individual items. You can also request a tactile copy of a resource.

Request a document scan 

Request a tactile copy

Convert a file

If you have a file that you need to convert into a more accessible format, such as converting PDFs into ebook, text, audio or braille files, you can use the self-service SensusAccess tool.

Convert a file

Other services

Book request service and nominated collection

You can send an advance request to borrow books using our click and collect service.

If you are sending someone else to collect the books on your behalf, they will be required to show their ID and your student card each time they borrow on your behalf.

Specialist software

We are typically able to offer a range of specialist software such as DesktopZoom and TextHelp Read and Write – all software is available on campus and some are available for your own devices. For other software available, please visit our A–Z software list.

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