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Health placements

Health placements are organised by the Placements team.

We have links with Trusts and other organisations around the country, although the majority of our links are based in York, Leeds and Hull. We use student information sheets (completed during welcome week), and place students accordingly using the information we have.

We aim to let undergraduate students know two weeks before a placements begins but we will let you know sooner if all placements have been secured. MSc students are told placements in July / August.

How we decide placements

We know that you can have a range of needs, from medical through to childcare issues. Each need is looked at on a case-by-case basis. Though we always try our best to accommodate your needs, we cannot guarantee that these will be met. 

We cover a large geographical area and it is our placement policy that all trainees must be willing to travel up to 90 minutes in each direction. When we receive a York-area placement, much consideration goes into who to allocate, considering a variety of reasons.

If you wish to do your placement at home, you can put this on your student information sheet. If we have a placement close to you then it will be certainly considered. For students who live in Goole, we have a contract with Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust to seek out placements in that area exclusively for these students. This is to support future recruiting in that area for the Trust.

Changes to placements

If you are unhappy with your placement we recommend that you take a few hours to let the information settle in. If you feel that your placement is unmanageable, please speak with your course lead. They will be able to inform you if there is any scope to change your placement and offer alternatives, however this is not always an option, as for many placement groups we do not receive any extra offers.

Starting your placement

To prepare for your Professional Practice placements, we ask you to read the following information in order to be familiar with important advice and information.

Absences during your placement

If you are unwell please phone your placement first and foremost. It is important that they know as soon as possible not to expect you so that they can make alternative arrangements for the day and are not waiting around for you. 

If you require a day off please inform your placement provider.  You will also need to e-mail your tutor for authorisation, and record this on your hours sheet. 

If you are absent from your placement you will then need to complete an online absence form to inform the School Administrator of Health Sciences that you are absent from your placement.  The School Administrator will inform the Placements Team, as well as your tutor.

Complete Reporting Absence form

NHS Expenses Information

As an NHS Bursary student you may be entitled to have some of the cost of journeys between your normal term-time accommodation and your practice placement site reimbursed.

If you have to stay in temporary accommodation (away from your normal accommodation) in order to attend your placement, you may also be able to receive reimbursement for these costs up to a set maximum rate.

In order to be reimbursed for these costs, it is essential that you complete a Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) claim form.  NHS Bursaries has produced guidance on policies related to placement expenses, as well as tips to completing your claim form.

Forms must be submitted to the Placements Team with a cover sheet for authorisation, prior to submission to the NHS Bursaries Unit.

Here is an Example of a Completed Expenses Form (pdf, 0.6mb) 

This example details a student with the following information:

- Living in York for their studies
- Assigned a 3-week placement in Hull
- Hiring temporary accommodation in Hull for the duration of placement
- Using a train to travel to and from Hull at both ends of the placement period
- Using the bus to travel to and from placement each day

While your placement and personal details may differ, this example should provide a concise example of the way to complete the form in order for the form to be processed in the quickest manner by the University.

Processing times will vary, but we aim to review your forms within 3 working days.  In the event that any additional items are needed or any queries arise, we will contact you to request these.

Should you have any further questions related to the completion of these forms, please contact the Placements Team on 01904 876821.

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