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Careers and placements

Placement Year

A Placement Year is an exciting opportunity to gain workplace experience as part of your course.

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The Placement Year team are here to answer any questions and support you with your Placement Year.

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What is a Placement Year?

A Placement Year is also know as a Sandwich Year or Year in Industry.

You can do a Placement Year as part of your course at York St John. It is an exciting opportunity for you to apply the skills you have learned on your course and to gain a significant amount of work experience. This will be recognised in the title of your degree at the end of your studies.

On your Placement Year you will develop your employability skills while finding out about an area of work that interests you. You will usually be paid in the process.

The placement takes place at the end of your second year, for a minimum of 9, but usually 12 months. You will get an 85% fee reduction to your annual tuition fees during your year on placement.

You will then return to York St John to spend your fourth year completing your course, with the opportunity to support second year students sourcing their own placement.

How to apply for a Placement Year

If you are interested in studying a course in the Business School or on a Computer Science route then you can apply for a course with a placement year through UCAS.

You can also decide to do a Placement Year after you have started your course.

If you are enrolled on one of our other courses that don't contain a Professional Placement requirement (such as Teaching or Nursing), you will be given the opportunity to opt in to a Placement Year.

To opt in to a Placement Year you need to be:

  • Enrolled on an eligible full time undergraduate course
  • Have achieved the minimum requirements for progression in Year 2

If you would like to do a Placement Year, contact the Placement Year team:

Preparing for your Placement Year

Placement preparation sessions will be part of your timetable in your second year. In these sessions you will:

  • Find out where you can apply
  • Learn how to communicate your skills
  • Learn how to prepare your CV and cover letter
  • Take part in practice interviews and assessment centres
  • Connect with employers offering placements
  • Hear from speakers and former students who can help you

Finding accommodation for your placement year

It goes without saying that where you will be living, and your cost of living will be a large factor in your placement success. It is your responsibility to secure accommodation that is suitable for your placement needs. Close proximity and manageable transport are important, as is affordability. Make it a priority to research this information, and to ask for advice at the interview.

Please email or telephone the accommodation team on 01904 876 650 for advice and support on this.

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