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Visual art courses

Discover the art courses we offer.

Wire model by art student

All our courses may be subject to change. You will be notified of these changes if necessary.

Art: Drawing On Life

Course length: 10 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning 

On this course you will study drawing as a way of exploring the world, gaining knowledge through intelligent observation.

Art: Drawing on Life offers an opportunity to appreciate the incredible beauty around us. You will explore the subtle and ever changing quality of light, the delight of form and symmetry and also grapple with perspective, composition and colour.

During the course you will develop your own mindfulness, and find inspiration, purpose and pleasure on your individual journey of healing and recovery.

This course is open to new students who have not attended a Drawing on Life course before. 

Art: Mixed Media

Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

This course gives you an opportunity to explore different art materials and styles.

During the course, you will attend a set of practical sessions and use a variety of methods, allowing you to tap into your own creativity.

Your work may be selected for exhibition at the end of term. 

Exploring Surrealism

Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: Online through Converge Connected

Come and join Sylkie de Waard in learning about surrealism and the artists who participated in this movement.

Escape reality by examining your subconscious mind and dipping into the world of dreams. Let the power of your imagination run free and express your creativity through art.

Leaded Glass

Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

This unique course gives you the opportunity to learn how to create a piece of leaded glass work.

Working with a tutor, you will learn the practical skills of this ancient craft. This includes:

  • Creating a pattern
  • Choosing your colours
  • Glass cutting
  • Copper foiling
  • Using flux and solder
  • Finishing off, patina and polishing

Origami (paper folding)

Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

This course is an introduction to some of Japan's unique traditional arts.

During the course you will make an origami box and lid, kusudama (flower ball) and cranes. For those who want a challenge you can also make tiny crane earrings!

As the course progresses you will lean about the history and culture behind the patterns.

You will also have the opportunity to make kanzashi fabric flowers, traditional folded cloth bags (furoshiki) and notebooks constructed using an ancient Japanese book binding technique.

All materials are provided and no previous experience is required.

A pleasure to be around like-minded people, students and tutors.
 Converge student

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