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Theatre and performance courses

Discover the theatre and performance courses we offer.

Performance from movement students

All our courses may be subject to change. You will be notified of these changes if necessary.

Improv Comedy

Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

This is a fun and accessible course if you want to learn the tips and tricks of making things up as you go along!

No experience is necessary for this introduction to Improv Comedy where you don't need to worry about being funny but you can be sure of having plenty of laughs along the way.

Together we will use many different and playful games to release and rediscover creativity and confidence.

Introduction to Physical Theatre

Course length: 6 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

A supplementary course to Introduction to Theatre using the body as the main tool.

Each session we will go through various forms of 'theatre and storytelling' using mostly our bodies and movement. Each session will focus on, for example, ensemble and chorus work, devising or working from text, and solo or duet work. We will begin to utilise music, sounds and minimal text to underpin our learning.

Physical theatre isn't necessarily about being flexible or a good dancer. The aim is to have us feel comfortable in our bodies, understand how we move, and how we can portray stories with our bodies. We will learn to make a piece of theatre with limited text. This also includes working on character, and facial expressions.

Playback Theatre

Course length: Monthly sessions

Course location: Online through Converge Connected

On this course you will learn the basics of performing this exciting improvisational theatre form.

Playback theatre brings together theatre-makers, improvisers and storytellers. It focuses on creating a unique experience for performers and an audience by collaborating to tell a shared story. 

Zoom to Stage

Course length: 6 weeks

Learning type: Online through Converge Connected

Zoom to Stage is a 6 week drama course exploring how we can perform live, in the comfort of our own spaces.

Escape from the 'everyday' using drama as the creative outlet and means of expression on this exciting course with one of our Converge at Northumbria (Newcastle) tutors. Over these 8 weeks, we’ll develop and produce our own performances through acting master classes, script writing, characterisation and various other techniques.

This course is for those who have an interest in theatre and drama, however no previous experience is necessary.

Working Towards Performance

Course length: 16 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

Working towards Performance takes all the skills learned and developed in the Introduction course and utilises them to make an original piece of theatre.

Starting with just an idea, we will work week-on-week to create characters, devise a script with the ultimate aim of staging our very own production at the end of term in one of York St John University's performance spaces!

Open to students who completed Introduction to Theatre in autumn term, and to new students with an interest in making a piece of theatre to share.

Site-Specific Performance

Course length: 5 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

A supplementary course to Working Towards Performance, looking at how we can create performances in a variety of different spaces.

Each week we will take a different approach to creating site-specific performance, and will learn new performance techniques. For example, performing with the objects or structures within a place, environmental performance, or learning about the history of a performance place.

I would wish to say how amazing the tutors are. How much time they give. How they make everyone welcome. It's a fantastic place full of great people.
 Converge student