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Theatre and performance courses

Performance from movement students

All our courses may be subject to change. You will be notified of these changes if necessary.

Introduction to Theatre

Course length: 11 weeks (Autumn term)

Learning type: On campus learning

This course provides an introduction to staging and performing to an audience. No previous experience of theatre is necessary.

During the course you will explore lighting, character, devising and script. The course is largely practical in nature and held in a drama space at York St John University. 

This course leads on to the Working Towards Performance course.

Working Towards Performance

Course length: 16 weeks (Spring term)

Learning type: On campus learning

To take part in this course you must have completed the Introduction to Theatre course.

On this course you will use your theatre skills to create an original piece of theatre. Starting with an idea, we will work to create characters, devise a script and stage our production. 

Options for sharing our production may include a video on the Converge YouTube site, on Zoom, an outdoor performance or an event in one of York St John University's performance spaces.

Dance and Movement

Course length: 7 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

This course provides an opportunity for creative expression through movement. It is for all abilities and levels.

The course will focus on increasing body confidence and self-esteem. You will express yourself through different styles of movement, including contemporary dance. Exercises will focus on improving posture, stability and dance technique.

During the course you will collaborate with other members of the group. The course is supported by York St John dance students. 

Movement Improvisation to Live Music

Course length: 10 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

During this course you will respond emotionally to live music to discover your innate ability to dance. All movement is worthwhile and creative, whether it is a tiny movement using only the toes or bigger, more dramatic gestures.

The coupling of music and movement will create an exciting and unpredictable response for each student in a safe and nurturing environment. 

You will work with a dance tutor and live pianist. 

Playback Theatre

Course length: Monthly sessions

Course location: Online through Converge Connected

On this course you will learn the basics of performing this exciting improvisational theatre form.

Playback theatre brings together theatre-makers, improvisers and storytellers. It focuses on creating a unique experience for performers and an audience by collaborating to tell a shared story. 

Join Christie for a dance taster session

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