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Music courses

Singers at Converge music concert

All our courses may be subject to change. You will be notified of these changes if necessary.

Communitas Choir

Course length: 11 weeks

Learning type: Online learning 

Everyone can sing. In our large community choir you sing as a part of a group in a welcoming and supportive environment. Songs are taught orally so there is no need to read music.

Choir members can develop further by:

  • Song leading:  train as a song leader, learning how to lead warm ups and simple songs. 
  • Soloing: learn and sing solos with the choir. 


Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: Online learning

This course offers a rare chance to play genuine Indonesian Gamelan Percussion. No experience is needed.

Gamelan percussion instruments include bronze and iron gongs and wooden carved drums. During the session you will explore these amazing instruments and their relaxing soundworld. You will find out about another culture and its musical tradition. You will also be able to use your own creative ideas in improvisation and composition.

Playing the Gamelan traditionally involves removing your footwear and sitting on the floor. You may want to bring your own cushion.

Music Production

Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning 

Express your creativity through learning the music production skills needed to produce your own track. Your track will be based on a feeling or emotion of your choice. Your finished track will be showcased through SoundCloud for you to share with others. 

During the course you will use Logic Pro X. You will learn basic editing technqiues as well as getting the chance to record your own sounds. There will be chances for group and 1 to 1 support, allowing you to connect with others as well as concentrate on your own work. 

Introduction to Songwriting

Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: Online learning

On this course we aim to inspire you to write your own songs. 

During the course you will learn song writing technique and explore different sources of inspiration. To build your confidence, you will take part in weekly song writing challenges.

Continuing Songwriting

Course length: 6 sessions

Learning type: Online learning

This course is for those who have attended Introduction to Songwriting or have written songs before. 

During the course you will build on technique through group creative writing exercises, listening to music and developing song ideas. 

Piano improvisation

Course length: 6 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

Is it possible to learn how to improvise? Do you struggle with reading music but want the freedom to create your own pieces?

This course is designed to build your confidence with improvisation on the piano. During the course you will gain an understanding of how to improvise in different styles while having a lot of fun along the way.

Instrumental tuition

During term time

We offer tuition for instruments including guitar, piano, vocals and percussion.

Tuition takes place on campus. Tutors are Converge staff and university music students. For more information please contact 

Writing music to a moving image

Course length: 1 term

On this course you will explore how movie scores are made and what makes a score successful.

During the course, a range of exercises will give you an insight into a composer's process. You will learn how to write music to various moving images, exploring tone and atmosphere. You will also have the chance to create your own musical responses to clips.

Meet the Communitas Choir

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