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Music courses

Singers at Converge music concert

All our courses may be subject to change. You will be notified of these changes if necessary.

Communitas Choir

Course length: 18 weeks including 3 week break

Learning type: On campus learning

Everyone can sing. In our large community choir you sing as a part of a group in a welcoming and supportive environment. Songs are taught orally so there is no need to read music.

Choir members can develop further by:

  • Song leading:  train as a song leader, learning how to lead warm ups and simple songs. 
  • Soloing: learn and sing solos with the choir. 

Composing to Moving Image

Course length: 6 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

In this 6 session group activity, we will cover a wide range of topics that lead to writing suitable and effective music for various moving images, such as adverts or documentaries.

These sessions will largely be practical and give you an insight into writing scores that support the stories on screen. No theoretical knowledge or ability to read music is needed, but for this course you will need to play an instrument and bring it to each session. If you play piano, there will be one provided.

Priority will be given to students who have already participated in our 'Piano Improvisation' sessions but the course will also be open to anyone who has an interest in the subject and would like to learn more. Please indicate on your application form which instrument you have or whether you will be using the piano in the teaching room. Each session will be 2 hours long.

Continuing Songwriting

Course length: Fortnightly sessions

Learning type: On campus learning

This course is for those who have attended Introduction to Songwriting or have written songs before. 

During the course we will practice creative warm-ups, listen to songs and work on material for your own songs through various sources of inspiration.

The group provides a safe space to share ideas, discuss songs and look closely at the craft of song-writing. You will be able to perform your own songs in front of the group for constructive feedback.

Instrumental Tuition

During term time

Learning type: On campus learning

We offer tuition for instruments including guitar, piano, vocals and percussion.

Tuition takes place on campus. Tutors are Converge staff and University music students. For more information please contact

International Drumming

Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

International Drumming will introduce beginners to the world of drumming using instruments and rhythmical music from West African and South American countries such as Ghana, Gambia, Brazil and Cuba.

No previous experience is needed as the tutor will start with the basics and help you achieve the best you can in a creative, group environment, with the aim of a short performance at the end of each term. Bang stuff and feel good about it.

Individual tuition on specific drums will also be available on request.

Introduction to Songwriting

Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

On this course we aim to inspire you to write your own songs. 

During the course you will learn song writing technique and explore different sources of inspiration. To build your confidence, you will take part in weekly song writing challenges.

We will listen to music and discuss meaning, story, structure and song-writing hooks. Sessions will include group exercises and discussions as well as 1 to 1 time with the tutor.

At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to record your own song to a professional standard.

Music Composition

Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

This course aims to provide Converge students with the opportunity to compose for an ensemble, exploring the steps taken to compose for the chosen instrumentation, and finish the course with a live ensemble performance.

You will gain expert knowledge on the instrumentation in the ensemble, as well as developing notational or technological skills. This course is open to all levels of composers, whether you are a complete beginner or a professional musician.

Music Production

Course length: 8 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning 

Express your creativity through learning the music production skills needed to produce your own track. Your track will be based on a feeling or emotion of your choice. Your finished track will be showcased through SoundCloud for you to share with others. 

During the course you will use Logic Pro X. You will learn basic editing techniques as well as getting the chance to record your own sounds. There will be chances for group and 1 to 1 support, allowing you to connect with others as well as concentrate on your own work.

Applied Music Theory for Singers

Course length: 6 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

This course is an intermediate course. It is for those who have completed the introductory music theory course or have a foundational knowledge of basic music theory.

You will take your understanding of pitch, rhythm, harmony and notation to the next level. You will improve your ability to sight-sing using a piano or keyboard as reference.

All paper materials will be provided.

Piano Improvisation

Course length: 6 weeks

Learning type: On campus learning

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of improvisation on the piano, regardless of what experience they may have.

Whether a complete beginner or a more advanced player, this will be a relaxed and fun way of creating music. We will cover well known chord structures that can act as a foundation to write your own pieces as well as simple patterns that can be adapted to your unique style.

Sing Your Story

Course length: 6 weeks

Learning type: Online through Converge Connected

Sing Your Story provides you with a platform to share your original songs or any songs that have significant meaning behind them, by singing, playing, storytelling, or reflective writing.

This 6 week course aims to increase your confidence, emotional wellbeing, reflective thinking, and to build an inclusive environment where everyone learns from each other. A new theme will be introduced in each session.

Anyone who enjoys solo singing, playing musical instruments, or has inspiring stories to share is welcome to join. No prior knowledge needed! Assignments and additional materials will be available online.

Meet the Communitas Choir

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