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Creative writing courses

Converge students learning creative writing

On our creative writing courses you can develop new skills and explore different writing techniques.

Students on a Converge creative writing course can submit a piece for our annual publication, Creative Writing Heals.

Creative Writing: Inspirations

Course length: 2 terms

This course is an ideal introduction to creative writing for new writers or a refresher for those with more experience. The course is made up of four modules which each last five weeks.

Our tutors will help you overcome the challenges that many writers face. This includes how to fit writing into a busy life, and overcoming writer's block. 

This course provides the foundation for our other Converge creative writing courses. It is strongly recommended that you complete all four modules before progressing to other courses.

  • Module 1: Finding inspiration

    Find inspiration and turn it into creative writing. Explore the foundations of writing practice. Overcome writer's block.

  • Module 2: Using inspiration

    Develop creative and observational skills. Create characters, settings and atmosphere. 

  • Module 3: Developing your writing

    Explore the development and editing process. Transform rough drafts into polished pieces. Work one to one with a mentor to develop your work. Submit work for publication in our annual anthology, Creative Writing Heals

  • Module 4: Exploring form

    Write in different forms, including poetry, script, novel, short fiction and creative non-fiction.

Creative Writing: Improving Through Literature

Course length: 2 terms

This course is open to Converge students who have completed the Creative Writing: Inspirations course. 

During the course you will use works of fiction to improve your creative writing skills. You will explore different pieces to investigate the techniques writers use. You will then practise those techniques in your own work. 

You will need to prepare for sessions in advance by reading a piece of literature for discussion. Reading will be no more than 3 pages such as an extract from a novel, a short story or a poem. These extracts are provided. 

Writing for Laughs

Course length: 1 term, starting January 2021

The course is open to Converge students who have completed Module 1 and 2 of Creative Writing: Inspirations.

During the course you will develop specialist skills in writing comedy. Each week you will explore a different aspect of writing humour. You will study examples from TV, books and standup and practice techniques in your own writing.

Memoir and Autobiographical Writing

Course length: 10 weeks

To take part in this course you must have completed the Creative Writing: Inspirations course.

During the course you will consider different types of memoir and autobiographical styles. You will explore how to begin telling your own story.

The course is split into 2 parts. The first half is an introduction to theories of memoir and autobiographical writing. You will complete practical tasks to help you develop your own skill and style.

The second half of the course allows you to delve deeper into your personal memories. You will identify key moments and themes in your own story. 

Students attending the full course are invited to share a sample of their work with Converge. 

Writers Workshops

Course length: Weekly during term time, starting June 2021

These workshops are open to students who have completed the Creative Writing: Inspirations course.

You will need to be able to share a piece of your work for feedback (up to 1,000 words). Each week we will discuss each others' work and provide constructive feedback. Writing samples will be available to read in advance of the workshop.

During the workshop, you will also set your own writing goals for the month. These will be discussed each week so we can support each other to achieve them.

"The courses are interesting. I have become a better person and something of a poet!"
 Converge creative writing student

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