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Institute for Social Justice

Conversations in Social Justice

Our podcast series for the Institute for Social Justice

Student using megaphone at climate change protest

The ‘Conversations in Social Justice' series seeks to animate discussion both within York St John University and more widely about the role of higher education in social justice.

Each conversation will be hosted by a different member of the York St John academic community, in conversation with invited external guests.

Latest podcast episode

Episode 4: Activism and Race within University Teaching and Research

In this podcast Matthew Reason, Director of the Institute for Social Justice, talks to Jonathan P Jones of New York University about universities as spaces for activism, whether through pedagogy, mentoring, research or institutional structures.

They discuss the challenge and importance of exploring race within what are still predominantly white spaces and the importance of actively working to ensure that the future of universities is more diverse and representative.

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Transcript - Activism and Race within University Teaching (docx, 35.2 kB)

Previous episodes

York St John University Lecturer in Art and Ecological Justice Dr Cath Heinemeyer finds out more about climate justice from Thimali Kodikara, producer and presenter of the Mothers of Invention podcast (@MothersInvent), who has interviewed climate innovators and leaders from the grassroots to the top tables of global policy.

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Transcript - Education and the frontlines of climate justice (docx, 2.5 MB)

Nick Rowe, Director of Converge at York St John, talks to Brendan Stone, Professor of Social Engagement and the Humanities at the University of Sheffield. Together they discuss the multiple benefits of opening up universities to work people with mental ill-health and the ways in which we all learn through our encounters with the lived experiences of other people.

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Transcript - Universities social justice and mental health (docx, 2.5 MB)

Professor of Counselling Psychology at York St John University, Divine Charura, talks to Dr Jonathan Chaplin, a political theologian and a member of the divinity faculty at Cambridge University. Their discussion explores a range of matters including the role university has in activism and social justice, the qualities of a University of Sanctuary, and why it's important to engage in research and curriculum that identifies, exposes, and addresses systemic and interpersonal inequalities, injustices, and power relationships across society.

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Transcript - The role and responsibility of universities (docx, 2.5 MB)

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