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Online payment FAQs

Have a question? Please see the answers below. If you cannot find an answer to your question please contact the Finance department.



Your personal details will only be used to make sure the payments made are allocated to the correct account.

Your card details are handled by our secure card payment service provider, WPM Education. 

They are classed as a Level 1 service provider under the PCI DSS standard and have an annual independent audit carried out to certify this compliance.

Please check the information provided by VISA and MasterCard:


You can make a payment for:

  • Tuition fees
  • International deposits
  • Accommodation fees and bonds
  • Miscellaneous fees

The online payment system will ask you to identify which student the payment is for by providing their student ID number and their date of birth. You will then be required to select the category you wish to pay for.

Please contact the Finance department.

Yes, but you should ensure that your payments clear in time to meet the due dates of your invoice.

The payment will be processed immediately but it may not show as taken from your card straight away.

Please check with your card issuer to find out how long this will take.

You will receive a printable confirmation email receipt when the payment has been processed successfully.

Please keep this for your records.

You can make a payment on behalf of someone else as long as you have their student ID number and date of birth.

If you intend to pay using a card which is not yours the correct cardholder must be present and they must key in their own details.

Please contact the Finance department. Please note that you should not send card details by email as no payments can be taken this way.

You are not able to amend a payment once you have clicked 'confirm payment' but you can 'cancel' up to this point.

If you have overpaid an invoice you should contact the Finance department by telephone for further guidance.

You can make a payment online even if you have not received an invoice or reminder letter.

You can try to pay again later online or contact the finance department for more information.

You can also telephone to make payment by another method.

You need to contact your card issuer to see if they are able to process your payment.

If your card issuer cannot process the payment you need to telephone the finance department to make a payment by another method before any of your instalments are due.

Yes you can make a payment by card now and again at a later date.  You will need to ensure your payment reaches us on or before the date that it is due.

Account information

You should contact the Finance department for further guidance and to discuss if your account has been overpaid.

This is your official proof of payment.

It may be necessary to produce this to your employer/sponsor/parent/guardian as proof of payment or we may ask you to present it to us if you have an enquiry.