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Health and Safety

See It Sort It Report It

We are keen to ensure that staff and students who see something they think is dangerous can easily and promptly report it.

Don't be discouraged from reporting by the thought that someone has already done so. It’s better to have several reports and the issue resolved than no report and several accidents.

The university already has well-established procedures for reporting hazards and accidents including near-misses. Staff should be aware of these procedures and use them as far as is possible.

However if YOU SEE anything that appears unsafe on any university property please don’t ignore it and walk on but report it to the Facilities Helpline on 6666 or or report it at any university reception. They will immediately pass it on to the correct team to deal with it such as the Porters, Maintenance or Domestic Teams. If out of hours please report it to the 24 Hour Security Team at Lord Mayors Walk on 01904 876 444.

This could be something like:

  • A water leak or major floor spillage (if it’s only a small spillage on the floor why not take a moment to SORT IT yourself with a paper towel)
  • A broken window or damaged item of furniture
  • Damaged or dangerous flooring – carpet tiles, steps or stairs
  • A potential fire hazard such as rubbish or other items in a fire escape or blocking a final fire exit door

We have over 750 staff and nearly 10 times as many students. If everyone does their bit we can make York St John an even safer place!

Wherever you are please Don’t Walk on By.

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