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Learning and Teaching

Academic Tutoring

Academic Tutoring supports students to achieve their academic and personal aspirations. A purposeful personal relationship with their tutor enables students to become autonomous, confident, and engaged members of society. This ongoing and collaborative relationship connects students deeply to the York St John family, supporting them through their course and beyond.

Your academic tutor

Every student will be assigned an Academic Tutor who is responsible for providing a link between the student and the university. Your tutor will guide your academic progress and your personal and professional development. They will provide practical information and guidance to help you understand how the university operates and what you need to do to study successfully. Your tutor can link you to the full range of services offered by the University and should be your first point of contact if you have any concerns or experience any difficulties which affect your ability to study.

The academic tutoring process

The academic tutoring process:

  • Enables students and tutors to participate proactively in a purposeful, collaborative, and supportive relationship which promotes student growth and development
  • Requires mutual responsibility between tutor and student, with final responsibility resting on the student to be self-directed and self-sufficient
  • Clarifies the purpose and operation of the Academic Tutor System, and provides timely and accurate guidance on University processes
  • Monitors student progress and proactively intervenes
  • Involves both one-to-one and group meetings
  • Helps students interpret the feedback they have received in assessments, understand general areas for improvement, and offers advice for improving academic performance
  • Helps students to review their learning and formulate action plans for academic, personal, and professional development
  • Helps students build their confidence and find their place in the YSJ learning community
  • Uses data and evidence to enhance student learning and improve the Academic Tutoring process


Academic tutoring helps students to:

  • Transition to university-level study
  • Identify their own strengths, skills and interests, and articulate plans to achieve their personal, educational, and career goals
  • Identify and take advantage of co-curricular opportunities, such as study abroad, volunteering and internships
  • Articulate how the academic, professional, and transferable skills acquired during their degree are of relevance beyond their time at university
  • Understand the value of, and engage with, formative activities to enhance their academic and personal development

Academic tutors:

  • Value their students as individuals
  • Regularly contact and meet with their tutees
  • Help students engage effectively in their studies and achieve their full potential
  • Facilitate the academic growth, personal development, and career readiness of their tutees through collaborative goal setting
  • Connect students to, and encourage them to use, the resources, opportunities and services that are available to them within the university
  • Use data and technology to understand student needs and enhance student outcomes
  • Reflect on their practice, identify their staff development needs, and proactively participate in appropriate training

Academic tutoring is founded on the YSJ Principles of Academic Tutoring.

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