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People in Employment Settings (PiES) Research Group

This is an interdisciplinary group to foster and promote investigation into people and the workplace.

The People in Employment Settings (PiES) Research Group draws on expertise across the University and collaborates with local, regional and national organisations.

As a key focus, the group seeks to promote research into the modern experience of individuals and their place in organisations across all areas of the economy.

Key research areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Human resource management (HRM) and human resource development (HRD)
  • Employability
  • Psychological and sociological approaches to the world of work, workplace behaviours and work practises, particularly given the prevalence of such areas as key sites for challenging issues of social justice.

Operating as an umbrella group, PiES seeks to challenge and encourage researchers to develop research in a safe space and be accountable for raising the profile of the group and York St John University within associated communities.

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As an eclectic research group, we welcome staff members, researchers and postgraduate research students from across the University, who have an interest in better understanding issues linked to people in employment settings.

Research activity

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  • Johnston, A. (2016) Motivation and the academic – where the drivers sit. Journal of Management Development. 35(6) 765-777.


Johnston, A. (2018) Understanding the Psychological Contract and the Challenge of the Individual. In Bishop, G. and Johnston, A.  (eds) Management: Self, People and Organization. Custom Edition. Andover. Cengage Learning.

Johnston, A. (2018) Thinking and Learning about Management, Leadership and the world of work.  In Johnston, A. (ed) Management and Leadership. Custom Edition. Andover. Cengage Learning.

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Walsh, S. and Johnston, A. (2022) Volunteering during Covid-19: Leadership Matters – The case of Scrubs. Voluntary Sector Review. {Online}

Group members

Dr Steven Cock

Group Co-Chair, Senior Lecturer

Dr Alan Johnston

Group Co-Chair, Senior Lecturer

Professor David Weir

Professor of Intercultural Management

Dr George Boak

Associate Professor

Sarah Crabbe

Dr Sarah Crabbe

Associate Professor

Susan Walsh


Lynsey Walker-Smith

Senior Lecturer

Ruby Christine Mathew


Owen Powell


Panagiotis Dimitriadis


Spencer Swain

Senior Lecturer

Simon Kumar

Simon Kumar


Stuart Healy


Winojith Sanjeewa


Profile image of Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor

Postgraduate Researcher

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