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Venture Creation Lab

Our students

Get to know our Venture Creation Lab students and their work.

Collage of student headshots. Text reads: Venture Creation Lab; Building Future Leaders for Social Innovation

We are very pleased to celebrate the successful completion of our inaugural class of 78 ambitious entrepreneurs from our London based Venture Creation Lab (VCL) programme.

The VCL programme is an expert-led accelerator, which allows students to design and develop an enterprising social business opportunity. Students can opt to enrol in the VCL programme instead of a placement and compete for funding to develop and launch a company. As an international student, this could potentially lead to securing a Graduate Entrepreneur visa.

The aim is to identify current issues businesses are facing and create new innovative solutions. Below is a list of our shortlisted students and 4 of our finalists including our VCL winner, Ojasvi Mehta.


Ojasvi Mehta, Founder and CEO of The Influencer Dissect


Bako Fayzullaev, Founder and CEO of Smart Co-Working
Dharaben Shah, Founder and CEO of Greenlife Eco Dinnerware
Disha Patel, Founder and CEO of Coming Home
Joyal Makwana, Founder and CEO of Joparu
Kapil Pandey, Founder and CEO of Everest View Trek


Ahetesahm Syed, Founder and CEO of Ride Building
Ayan Patel, Founder and CEO of The Digital Pharmacy
Bhakti Kabariya, Founder and CEO of Lawyer Access
Bhumi Patel, Founder and CEO of One8 Beauty Salon
Hemisha Kapatel, Founder and CEO of King of Finance
Parth Patel, Founder and CEO of Ag-Tech Army
Pooja Patel, Founder and CEO of Click & Collect
Pribikram Gharti Magar, Founder and CEO of The White School
Ramesh Tamang, Founder and CEO of Pure Air for All
Riddhiben Machi, Founder and CEO of Master at Home

The Influencer Dissect

Ojasvi Mehta, Founder and CEO

A game changing meeting place for brands and influencers

Influencer marketing is making serious waves in India - impacting buying decisions, trends and making new advertising channels. But India is yet to witness the coming together of social media power houses on one platform and this is where the real change happens.

Influencer Dissect is an emporium for the brands and influencers to meet. We help brands and influencers to partner up and stand out as a consumer oriented brand. People trust people. Help your audience explore new territories with one of our influencers.

Coming Home

Disha Patel, Founder and CEO

Authentic Indian cuisine that will take you home

We love to travel, but we miss home. Memories of samosas at our favourite corner shop with friends or our mom's hot pakora, or festivals with family. Every home has a story, what's yours? 

There are tons of recipes available on the internet but you can't get home authentic recipes, made with quality ingredients and with a story behind them.

Coming Home's sweet treats, recipe boxes and gift packs take travellers home, right from where they are.

Greenlife Eco Dinnerware

Dharaben Shah, Founder and CEO

Eco-friendly dinnerware and packaging to overcome plastic pollution

We are eating more on the go than ever before, but our disposable packaging is contributing to plastic waste. Each year, more than 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean and land, which are directly impacting our environment, marine species and human health. 

Greenlife has found a solution - dinnerware that is 100% natural, sturdy, stylish, biodegradable, home compostable, chemical free and microwave safe. 

Our dinnerware is made from the fallen leaves of palm trees and through our supplier relationships, we are bringing this product to restaurants, cafes, food vans and catering suppliers. And that's just the start. Through our tie ups with NGOs we will scale. Join us.

Everest View Trek

Kapil Pandey, Founder and CEO

Next generation of holiday planner for next generation of holiday planning

It's been a long time since we had an adventure. We really want to come out and feel free, leaving our busy schedules behind. We want to feel alive but we are stuck. 

Everest View Trek is committed to a life of travel and we've discovered that no matter how low you are in life, travel has a way of turning things around. 

Our journey planner is secure and joyful, helping you visit the most exciting places, the elusive and endangered animals and even get the taste of reaching the top of Everest. We provide strong communication and support from first thought to completion and a unique VR technology which lets you see through your journey right from your home. It's now or never. Start getting excited.

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