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Health and Safety

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Performance Self Assessment

Information and tools for Schools and Directors.

Schools and Directors are responsible for Health, Safety and Wellbeing within their areas and as part of this there is a Performance Self-Assessment template for use.

Annual Health, Safety and Wellbeing Performance Self-Assessment (xlsx 57.7 kB)

York St John University wishes to achieve and demonstrate a sound and robust occupational health, safety performance by controlling the identified risks in line with their own policies and objectives.

A tool used to demonstrate this requirement is the Annual Health, Safety and Wellbeing Performance Self-Assessment which has incorporated basic requirements from:

  • Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Successful Health and Safety Management Publication (HSG65)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS) BS ISO 45001:2018
  • Universities Safety and Health Association’s (USHA) Health and Safety Management Profile (HASMAP) Standard.

This will enable the Schools and Directorates to identify any necessary actions required to improve its performance and demonstrate the conformity of its management systems against the requirements of relevant standards.

The primary purpose of the Self-Assessment is to enable the University to evaluate its health, safety and wellbeing management systems by School and Directorate, identify any deficiencies, and put efficient control measure solutions in place. The report will provide the University’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee assurances that we ‘are doing what we say we are doing!’

This Self-Assessment is an essential management tool in the development of systems at the University. This enables the development and reinforcement of systems to manage risk and reduce its lowest manageable level.

The Self-Assessment provides detailed questions and prompts of typical procedures, controls and arrangements that could be expected to be in place within all Schools and Directorates. It is designed to enable management to discuss and review health, safety and wellbeing arrangements with their management team and staff.

Heads of School and Directors provide this annual Self-Assessment to the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee.

All staff are encouraged to contribute to all aspects of health, safety and wellbeing, so please speak with your line manager about any questions, ideas and improvements which you may have.

Often small and simple things can have lasting health and safety benefits, so please get involved.

Example Department H&S Policy (DOC 58.5 kB)