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Support to Study

This process is used by academic staff to aid their support for students whilst noting concerns about performance or participation.


Support to Study is a staged approach designed to ensure early interventions with students are captured and monitored following concerning data emerging through the University’s systems for attendance monitoring (Check-In), and engagement monitoring (Engage).

The staged approach offers a supportive interaction with students who may be struggling with either attendance or engagement in their studies due to reasons otherwise unknown, before reaching the point where the ability to continue is of serious concern.

The final stage in the process is a stage 3, phase 2 meeting. This is to investigate serious and exceptional shortcomings in student performance. This can include disciplinary action relating to academic matters such as non-attendance or non-submission of work.


The University is required to monitor the attendance and performance of students as part of its quality control and pastoral obligations. The University is accountable to the public authorities which finance programmes of study, professional bodies and to the UK Government.

It is also aware of the considerable commitment of time and resource made by students and their families and seeks to ensure that such commitment is made in reasonable expectation of student success.

A full description of the Support to Study process can be found in our Code of Practice for Assessment.

Code of practice for assessment