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Policies and documents

Ethics Policy and Framework

Our ethical approach and how we implement it.

The University’s character has developed and is derived from its Church of England Foundation and the Ethics Policy Statement should be understood in this context, as expressed in the University mission, visions and values statements forming the basis of the 2026 Strategic Plan:


Driven by our commitment to social justice, we focus our expertise, talents and creativity to advance knowledge, promote understanding and achieve educational outcomes for the benefit of all.


We will extend the transformative power of university education to the communities we serve.


Intellectually generous, curious and rigorous.
Promote fairness and challenge prejudice.
Inspire and support each other to succeed.

The underpinning principle of the University’s ethical approach is that it should strive to do good and avoid causing harm.

Download the Ethics Policy and Framework:

University Ethics Policy and Framework (docx 38.7 kB)