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Concerns and complaints

Find out how we can support you to raise, address and resolve your concerns.

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We are here to help you when things aren’t going right, whether that’s related to your University experience or because of another member of our University community.

Depending on the nature of your concern there will be different options and support available to you. Explore the options below to access the support that will work best for you.

Find your route

I have a concern about my University experience

How to raise and resolve concerns relating to a service the University is providing or a member of University staff.

I have a concern about the behaviour of another student

How to raise and access support for concerns relating to the behaviour of another student.

I want to appeal an assessment decision

Information and guidance on appealing against an assessment decision.

I have a concern about bullying, harassment and hate crime

How to raise concerns and access support relating to bullying, harassment and hate crime.

I have a concern about racism

How to raise concerns and access support relating to racism.

I have a concern about sexual misconduct and domestic abuse

How to raise concerns and access support relating to sexual misconduct and domestic abuse.

I'm not sure which route is right for me; who can I speak to?

If you are not sure who to seek support from or where to raise a concern, you can contact the University's Student Casework Manager. They can advise you on next steps and the options available to you. 

Contact them by emailing

What if there is an allegation made against me?

Having an allegation made against you can be very distressing. This could be a report made by another student, a police matter, or a complaint from a member of the public.

It is important that you also seek support and advice, whatever the circumstances. You can speak to a Wellbeing Adviser who will listen to your concerns and talk you through your options: Wellbeing adviser appointments

The Students' Union can also provide independent advice and support: YSJSU website

If a disciplinary allegation is made against you, the University will ensure that:

  • You are made fully aware of the nature of the allegation(s) made against you.
  • You have an opportunity to reply to any allegation(s).
  • You have a fair and unbiased hearing at which all relevant circumstances are taken into account.
  • You have the right to appeal against a disciplinary finding or penalty.

If you are subject to a criminal charge or to a police investigation, or if the University believes that your behaviour is likely to cause injury or harm to others, the University may take provisional action to limit your interaction with the University community.

Further information is provided in the Student Disciplinary Procedure: Student Disciplinary Procedure (PDF, 0.2MB)

Guidance for staff

Information for University staff on how to support students with concerns or complaints is currently being developed and will be available soon on the staff intranet pages.

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