Research Ethics & Integrity

York St John University is committed to maintaining the highest ethical and integrity standards in research carried out by its staff and students.

The role of the Cross-School Research Ethics Committees (CSREC) is to support the University’s research and academic activity by implementing relevant research ethics policies into practice. From an ethical standpoint, they consider proposals for research from students and staff. All research projects carried out by staff and students must refer to the University’s 2015-16 Research Ethics Policy (DOC, 42.1kB); please note that this policy is currently being updated to reflect the new structure. It is the responsibility of the member of staff or research student leading the project to ensure compliance.

York St John Research Students and Staff should also see the Research Misconduct Policy and Procedures (DOCX, 60.7kB)

Process for Research Ethics Approval

Please complete the following form before the research begins:

Application for ethical approval and DPIA (DOCx, 74KB)

Prevent Duty Compliance

In compliance with the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, and Prevent Duty for Higher Education 2015 it is a legal requirement that any research into terrorism, extremism, radicalisation, and similar areas use secure data storage (digital or hard copy) please see appendices A, B and C in the research ethical consideration form. Consult Prevent Duty Guidelines for Higher Education (in the resources below) and consult ILS for more information, and further advice.

Cross-School Research Ethics Committees (CSRECs)

There are three Cross-School Research Ethics Committees (CSRECs) which deal with proposals relating directly to the relevant school groupings. The points of contact for each CSREC are as follows:

Cross-School Research Ethics CommitteesChairEmails
Schools of Art, Design & Computer Science; and Performance & Media Production Prof Lee Higgins 
Schools of Business; Health Sciences; Psychological & Social Sciences; and Sport Nathalie Noret 
Schools of Education; Humanities, Religion & Philosophy; and Languages & Linguistics Dr Caroline Leeson 

CSRECs Terms of Reference and Constitution (DOCX, 24.8kB) - approved by the University Research Committee on 23 November 2016.

If your project involves University-wide research (eg research outside of cross-school groupings) or you represent an external body seeking to carry out research at the University please complete the Research Ethical Considerations Form referred to above and submit to the most relevant Cross-School Research Ethics Committee, and the Chair will escalate the form where appropriate.

Please contact the relevant Cross-School Research Ethics Committee Chair with any queries on research ethics matters.

Research Integrity

York St John University is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in research carried out by its staff and students. Its approach to research integrity complies with the Concordat to support research integrity. The University treats all allegations of misconduct seriously and is committed to ensuring that allegations are investigated with thoroughness and rigour in accordance with the YSJU Code of Practice on Research Integrity:

In 2016/17, there have been no incidents of research misconduct investigated at York St John University.

Additional Information/Resources

Association for Research Ethics

The University is a member and receives copies of the Research Ethics Review (official journal of AfRE) which is published on a quarterly basis.

To read the full articles from any of the past copies please refer to the copies of the journal available in the University Library (174.2805 RES).

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