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Policies and documents

Major Incident Plan

It’s important that we are prepared for major incidents. The University’s Major Incident Plan is designed to facilitate the management of any major event that will impact upon the operation/reputation of the University.

The Plan supports the mobilisation and operation of the Major Incident Team (MIT) who are responsible for working to the Plan to mitigate the impact of major incidents on the University’s core business, protect staff, students and visitors and to facilitate community recovery and the restoration of normal services as soon as possible.

A Major Incident is one that involves serious injury or death, is likely to seriously impact on the University’s operations or could seriously affect the University’s reputation. In most cases a major incident will be obvious, however examples are:

  • Death of a student, employee or visitor to campus or violent attack on University property
  • Serious fire, flood or power outage affecting critical buildings or systems
  • Loss of IT infrastructure
  • Bomb threat, act of terrorism or hostage situation.
  • Contagious diseases such as pandemic flu or meningitis
  • Serious criminal behaviour of employee or student

If you are the first person to be made aware of the incident contact Security immediately on x6444 (or 07885 201 182). Security will then contact the University Major Incident Coordinator who will set in train an emergency response.

The University’s Major Incident Plan can be found here: Major Incident Plan (PDF, 0.3 MB)

Details of how to respond to particular incidents are detailed below:

Directorates and Schools are required to have local plans in place to support the Major Incident Plan. The template for these plans can be found here: Major Incident Local Plan Template (Doc, 53kB)